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Magic Money Maze by Pragmatic


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Magic Money Maze

Chilling with the Presidents will cost you a minimum bet of $0.10, and available on Desktop and mobile – you can enjoy the lucrative wins this slot brings (minus the secret service hassles)! This slot demo has a bumper Max Win of 10 000x your bet and 10 paylines! If you’re looking to get in on the Free Spins action a lot easier, you can purchase a Free Spins bonus round at 120x your bet size!

Game Details

Money makes the world go round and we’re thrilled to get yours going round with the latest slot release from Pragmatic games! Magic Money Maze is set on a 3×5 grid that is inspired by the first few presidents of the United States! With a marching band soundtrack, the infamous presidential green colour scheme, and a grand Magic Money Bonus game to chase, in your running for the top spot at winning big in this latest release!

The game takes place on a 3×5 grid, with symbols paying from left to right on adjacent reels, starting with the leftmost one.  

President on Purple background – Pays 200x the bet for 5 on a payline 

President on Blue background – Pays 50x the bet for 5 on a payline 

President on Orange background – Pays 50x the bet for 5 on a payline 

President on Green background – Pays 50x the bet for 5 on a payline 

A symbol – Pays 20x the bet for 5 on a payline 

K symbol – Pays 20x the bet for 5 on a payline 

Q symbol – Pays 10x the bet for 5 on a payline 

J symbol – Pays 10x the bet for 5 on a payline 

10 symbol – Pays 10x the bet for 5 on a payline 

BONUS SYMBOL – Shown as “Magic Money Maze Bonus” – land 3 or more Bonus Symbols to trigger the Magic Money Maze Bonus game. 

MONEY SYMBOL – Shown as a Stack of Cash – At each spin this symbol will take a random value from a pre-defined set. The value of this symbol can appear as a money award during the Bonus game and can be won when landing 5x Money Symbols in the base game: 

5x Symbols pays out the Total Money Value Amount 

4x Symbols pay out 15x the total bet 

3x Symbols pay out 3x the total bet 

Magic Money Maze Board Bonus – Land 3 or more Bonus symbols to trigger the Magic Money Maze Board Bonus. Depending on the number of bonus symbols that land on the reels, the bonus round will start with a different number of lives as follows: 

5 Bonus symbols – 4 lives 

4 Bonus symbols – 2 Lives 

3 Bonus symbols – 1 Life 

In this bonus game, you’re given a board of 49 squares on a 7×7 grid. You’re represented by a money head, which is placed in a random position on the outer edge of the board, when the game starts. 

Money Awards, Snakes, Scorpions and Hearts are placed at random on the gameboard, while fixed symbols include the President portraits in the corners, arrows in the middle positions of the outer edge and a Magic Money Maze symbol in the centre position. 

During the game, each dice rolls will give you the number of places you need to move – just like any other board game played with dice. The monkey head symbol will move the number of places around the square, based on the amount shown on the dice. 

The monkey head (you) can land on a square with one of the following: 

Money Award – random value from 0.1x to 1000x your total bet. Landing on a square with a money award will add this value to the total win of the round. 

Snake or Scorpion – If you land on one of these squares, one life is lost 

Heart – If you land on one of these squares, one life is given to you with the maximum amount of lives you can collect being 3. 

President Portraits – The first time you land on this square, the portrait is collected. When you have 2, 3, or 4 collected, a multiplier is won and applies to the total win of the round. 

2x Portraits collected – 2x Multiplier is won 

3x Portraits collected – 3x Multiplier is won 

4x Portraits collected – 10x Multiplier is won 

Arrows – if your monkey head lands here, it will be moved to the position at the end of the arrow. 

Magic Money Maze symbol – each time the monkey head lands in the centre of the board, a multiplier is applied to random money awards. The first time this happens the multiplier is 2x, the second time it is 3x, the 4th time it is 5x and for each time it lands after the 4th time a 10x multiplier will be added.  

The round will end when there are no more lives and the total amount collected thus far is awarded. 

Betting starts at $0.10, with the option to increase it to a stately $250! The theoretical RTP of the game is 96.61%, while the maximum award is capped at 10 000x. If you reach this amount, the bonus round ends instantly, awarding the win and forfeiting the remaining bonus rounds.  

Statesmen and money are sometimes not the best of friends, but with you on the winning end of things, this slot will bring you all the opportunity needed to win big! The marching band plays you melodies that guide you to the fruitful winnings that will have you looking like you just hopped off the gravy train! With the Magic Money Maze Bonus Game Feature that you can trigger, play your way to pockets filled with cash, or purchase this Bonus Round to make that gravy train go just a little bit faster as you lap up the glory and coin the wins! 

Try this bonus out reminds me of snake and ladders with a twist! You can but the bonus or try spinning it in... with a max winof 10000x never know lol 





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