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Four Leaf Gaming- Wild Buccaneers MegaWays - (Quick Review)


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Another new slot from a pretty new game provider, the thing about Four Leaf Gaming is that they are under Relax Gaming's umbrella and have studio collaboration with the popular provider. Wild Buccaneers MW is a great game and even more so if you like pie gambles. You can almost gamble everything on this game, which can be dangerous!


This is a MegaWays slot with max ways 117,692 it is very volatile and it has a high hit rate. There are a lot of variants on this slot and you customize gambles and there are 2 game modes, you can play this game on Nitro mode which costs an extra 50% of stake. Nitro mode however increases your change of getting a bonus and adds bigger multipliers in the base game.


The free spins are triggered by 3 or more scatters or by releasing one from the chest above the reels, each time you get a win you move along from left to right opening the chests, which is a clever mechanic and change to the standard incremental win multiplier climb. In the free spins the multiplier increase up to 64x and like I said above you can gamble everything on this game!


Not only can you gamble free spins you can chose how many you want to gamble and the max you can get is 24 free spins, this is of course where the super huge wins can come from and the potential on this game is insane!


This is what you can get from opening up the chests on Wild Buccaneers. When the free spins are over you have the chance to gamble your prize for another round of free spins, very similar to the gamble on Mystery Museum by Push Gaming.


You also have the chance to win more after the bonus by playing the Fortune Finder feature and if you get to the top of this, you can win over 200,000x This feature is also customizable and you can chose how much of your winnings you want to gamble. The player has a lot of control over the odds of this slot and for a Mega Ways game and not a fixed line slot this is something quite unique!


Above is the gamble for getting to replay your free spins and probably most people will have a spin at this if they do not win much the first time round.


On top of this you can also trigger the Fortune wheel with various prizes, including free spins and cash prizes, you can also gamble the prizes you win from this wheel 😄 To buy the Fortune Wheel feature costs 60x and to buy the free spins costs 90x, which is not too bad.

This is a great little slot and shows a lot of innovation and clever thinking by Four Leaf Gaming, the graphics are brilliant, game play is smooth and sounds are everything you would expect from a swash buckling pirate slot and more! The premium characters are unique and the rest of the reel graphics are standard picture card symbols. Overall good little slot with insane potential, well worth a spin!


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this game looks really fun ! tks Garf !garf79

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