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Evolution Gaming Interim Report- (Jan-Jun 2022)


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As we predicted Evolution's growth has increased massively yet again, they were up year on year in every area of business. The hype surrounding the "Great 88" series of live game and slot releases has seen average year on year growth up by 33%, which for any company is quite astounding. If things in the world would have been different then it would have been a bigger margin, the cost of living crisis, war in Ukraine, fuel prices, semi conductor prices, energy cost and wages have of course had an impact but seemed to have only slightly effected Evolution Gaming's growth.

In total around 34 of the 88 "great" series of games have been released, so I would again predict that we will see even higher figures in the end of year interim report coming out December/January time. One thing I did completely disagree with reading through Evolution's Interim report and coming from CEO Martin Carlesund is what he said here "Flawless, seamless player satisfaction through entertaining and exciting world class games – nothing is more important. The newly released Evolution smart lobby is one example that makes a difference for players every day."

1854268309_Screenshotfrom2022-07-2308-55-33.png.68d4d8e0a30514491ac43d74788147e2.png    CEO Martin Carlesund, Evolution Gaming

I am pretty sure none of us have experienced the "flawless, seamless player satisfaction" that he speaks of here. There have been many server issues, game break downs, bets rejected and games cancelled to be anywhere near satisfactory in my opinion with all live games having issues! Especially Mega Ball, I wrote a post on Mega Ball breakdowns which you can read HERE.

Any way Evolution have had a fantastic first half of the year financially and when operation such a big organization problems will arise, new technology and live entertainment will always have some issues. So Martin Carlesund's aim for "Flawless and seamless player satisfaction" may be a mountain too high, even for Evolution. Anyway you can read the full report with a full financial breakdown/ stock price and dividends paid to share holders below, well worth a quick read to see how many 100's of millions of Euro's these guys are making.




Interim report for January-June 2022

[PR] Evolution released today its Interim Report for January-June 2022.

Second quarter of 2022 (Q2 2021)

  • Operating revenues increased by 34.0% to EUR 344.0 million (256.7)

  • EBITDA increased by 36.4% to EUR 238.2 million (174.7), corresponding to a margin of 69.3% (68.0)

  • Profit for the period amounted to EUR 200.9 million (144.4)

  • Earnings per share amounted to EUR 0.94 (0.68)

Events during the first quarter of 2022

  • Continued expansion with opening of live casino studios in Spain and Armenia as well as launch of Live games in West Virginia.

  •  Announced acquisition of Nolimit City.

  • Evolution has after the end of the period launched a new live casino studio in Connecticut.

Summary of the second quarter and first six months of 2022



CEO's comments

The operational delivery in the second quarter 2022 is nothing but fantastic and during the quarter we reached many and significant milestones. These include the new studio in Connecticut, opening of the regulated Ontario market, opening of the new studio in Madrid, opening of the new studio in Yerevan, launch of Live games in West Virginia and started construction of an additional studio in New Jersey. All this on top of expansion all over the world adding close to 1,000 employees during the quarter shows the speed we are moving forward with. I am very proud of all achievements that the employees of Evolution have made during the quarter. Even so, we need to be better tomorrow than what we are today and we need to constantly challenge ourselves to perform better.  

During the quarter we also announced the acquisition of one of the leading and most innovative slots creators - Nolimit City. We are all very happy to welcome Nolimit City to the Evolution family. The acquisition is financed with our existing cash-flow, it’s a way to use our financial strength to take yet another step towards becoming the leading provider of casino games in the world. The transaction, expected to be completed in Q3, includes an upfront consideration of EUR 200 million and, earn-outs of up to EUR 140 million, payable in 2023, 2024 and 2025, respectively. Looking further ahead, our intention is to distribute Nolimit City slots through our OSS (One Stop Shop) and add them to our offering to operators. The earlier communicated goal of double-digit growth for our exiting RNG-business remains and is not affected by this latest acquisition.

Financially, I regard the second quarter as good but not great and not quite reflecting the success we have had operationally. When evaluating our financial performance in the second quarter I also factor in the exceptional development we had during Q1 and Q2 last year which effects the year-on-year percentage growth rate in Q2.

In Q2 2022 revenues increased by 34.0 percent year-on-year to EUR 344.0 million, and the EBITDA increased to EUR 238.2 million, corresponding to an EBITDA margin of 69.3 percent.

In the second quarter 2022 Live Casino increased by 36.7 percent year-on-year and RNG revenues grew by 6.1 percent year-on-year. As I have stated earlier when it comes to RNG, our ambition is double-digit growth and I find the result in Q2 as good step towards that goal. I’m pleased with the development of our RNG business in Q2 2022.

The EBITDA margin of 69.3 percent is within our guided range of 69-71 percent for 2022. Our ambition is always to do more and do better on cost items within our control. As stated many times before, if there is a trade-off between margin and market share, we will always go for market share and what we believe are the right decisions long-term for Evolution.

We all know that the world is a challenging place right now and it’s hard not to mention the ongoing horrible war and also the effects of the Pandemic. Our fast expansion is affected by the current cost inflation especially in categories like energy, logistics, semiconductor products and wages. We are happy but not content with the margin of 69.3 percent in the quarter and we are likely to continue to see margins vary during the year but expect to stay within the guided range for 2022.

Flawless, seamless player satisfaction through entertaining and exciting world class games – nothing is more important. The newly released Evolution smart lobby is one example that makes a difference for players every day. In total 34 of our 88 games planned for this year have been released, so we have more than half of our planned game releases during the second half of this year. During the quarter we have released one of our headline games this year - XXXtreme Lightning Roulette – it is a great game which attracts both new and existing players. This roulette game with more and bigger multipliers, is a good example of how we can leverage our growing portfolio of brands from both the Live- and RNG-space. Another new game combining the Live and RNG playing experience is Crazy Coin Flip. This can be seen as our first ‘Live Slot’ game. It definitely strikes a chord with players and is a style of game that we will continue to explore. New RNG titles in the second quarter include Funkmaster, Dragons Clusterbuster and Space Wars2.

In terms of development by region, we see the larger trends maintained with the demand for online casino continuing to increase globally. However, both our Asia and Other regions while growing very nicely are at a marginally lower pace in this quarter compared to earlier this year. We continued to expand our studios in North America however most of the increased capacity was added toward the end of the quarter. European markets overall showed single digit growth in the quarter, with a step faster pace in the Nordics.

I very much look forward to the second half of 2022, I feel excited about all things we have in front of us. We want to be better, we want to deliver more, we want to run faster- that is who we are. Adding Nolimit City and the upcoming games on the 2022 roadmap will be great and we are again increasing the gap to all competitors. The world is changing but we stand strong, we continue forward.                              (SOURCE)



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