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Evolution Gaming-Is the boat Rocking?


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Evolution Gaming has risen to the top of the live casino section rapidly over the last few years. It was not long ago before Netent were kings of the live section but now Evolution own Netent! The pace that Evolution has evolved at has firmly cemented there position but are we starting to see cracks?

I have been playing Mega Ball live for a long time now and over the years of playing I have never seen the ball drawing machine have so many problems! It seems almost every other round the balls are getting stuck or the video feed is lagging causing me not even to be able to see the actual balls drawn and having to rely on the overlay being updated to see what is happening. Multiple game rounds have been cancelled and sometimes the ball that has come up the tube I need on my cards but they have to pause the machine and the ball I needed drops back down.


This really is not acceptable for me, I feel the game that I like most out of all the live games has been very dis-satisfactory over the last couple of months-So why have Evolution not fixed the problem? I mean they make billions per year, you would think they would have back up machines or even upgraded Mega Ball by now.


Or is this a sign that Evolution have over stretched themselves?  They have a massive operation to run and multiple games keep functioning, Crazy Time also has had issues as well as the other wheels. However none so more than Mega Ball! This game has been beyond a joke at times and if you are like me when you are gambling and enjoy the rush of betting and repeating- then the apparent mechanical problems Evolution are having completely take away that rush of adrenaline I search for when gambling.

If this was a one off occurrence and only happened a couple of times in a session I would not mind but it is almost every single game. Why have Evolution not taken Mega Ball off line to sort the problem out permanently? I mean it has been off line quite a lot, so why is it not fixed?

All I can say is for Evolution's sake I hope Pragmatic or Play-Tech do not release a similar game or Evo are going to loose a lot of players! And all this when they are just about to release a new live ball drawing machine with Monopoly Big Baller. SO are we to expect the same sort of standards from this new game and a part of Evolution's so called "great 88". I certainly hope not! Please sort it out Evolution or your spot at the top is in jeopardy.

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