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Crypto Language and it's meaning


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If you’re looking to get yourself into the conversation and begin speaking the language, there’s quite a bit to cover. But here you can see some of the most popular slang being used on the crypto community. 

The Bull and Bear Case for Investing in the Top 20 Cryptocurrencies –  Markets and Prices Bitcoin News

  • Bullish/bearish

Bullish and bearish both represent a pattern in the market. 

A bullish market will feature upward trends in price, while a bearish market will present downward trends

  • Fomo

Short for Fear of Missing Out, FOMO can be used in everyday life. It refers to the sense of urgency to buy Bitcoin when everyone else is talking about it.

  • Shill

Shilling refers to the promotion of a cryptocurrency for the person’s own personal benefit. Although the term didn’t originate in crypto, its use in the space became widely popular. 

  • FUD

Short for fear, uncertainty, and doubt, FUD refers to when people spread negative feelings about Bitcoin.

  • HODL

Short for hold on for dear life, HODL is probably the most popular slang in Bitcoin. It refers to holding on to your BTC, despite volatility in price

  • REKT

Rekt refers to the rock-bottom feeling of when someone experiences major losses from cryptocurrencies that have plummeted in value

  • Whale

A whale is someone who owns a significant amount, usually 5% or more of the total supply of a cryptocurrency

  • Pump and Dump

The term pump and dump refers to a tactic used by a group of cryptocurrency users to manipulate the sentiments of the market.  

They hype a cryptocurrency based on fake or misleading information and when the prices go up due to increased investor sentiment, the group will dump all their coins by selling them, which will, in turn, cause the price to drop again

  • Diamond hands/paper hands

Diamond hands refer to holding Bitcoin even when there’s a ton of pressure to sell.  

Paper hands refer to investors that sell off their investments too early, mostly because they’re afraid of the risk and are susceptible to panic.

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