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Cash or Crash Evolution Gaming..


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Cash or Crash is one of Evolutions newest releases and is an incredibly simple game format. The aim of the game is basically to get as many green balls as possible with drawing a red ball from the game machine. You can collect you winnings when ever you want (depending on stake) each time a green ball is drawn. The maximum amount of levels you can climb is 20 and if you make the top you can win up to 50,000 times your stake.

You also have the option to collect half of your winnings at any point (depending on your stake) this lowers the max win potential! Although it offers players a chance to win at any point. This really is a game of nerve and depending on how big your "balls" are you really can win big for a low stake.

There is also a golden shield ball in the machine,



If this golden ball is drawn it acts as a shield from the red balls and essentially gives you an extra life. Getting this ball is generally key to getting a big win but you do not always need it to win big.
After every green comes out you are offered the chance to "take all" or "take half" this is where the skill comes in to the game, you have to use your gut feeling try and predict what color ball will be coming out next. Making the right choice at the right time is key in this game as it is in many other live games. 
The max level has been reached once in this game already and it has only been out a few months, truly incredible to pay 50,000x so soon! 
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This is so bad i dont like this I won't be there anymore

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