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Stake Logic- Runner Runner Pop Wins.


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New game from Stake Logic and it features some really retro reel graphics and some crazy amount of paylines! The reel graphics look exactly like the slots I used to play in the pub 30 years ago when a jackpot was £4.80. Stake Logic however have added insane potential with up to 118098 ways at fully popped potential.


The base game reels start at 486 ways but for each win you get the reels grow. The game pays left to right and right to left, so both ways. Runner Runner Pop Wins is a 3 row 6 reel slots but the ways increase with wins.


The free spins is where the magic happens and you have to spin a wheel to decide how many spin you get and what starting multiplier, the max is 15 spins 25x multi start.


To trigger the free spins you need 6 consecutive wins, if you get more wins you are awarded a better feature. Blue is bottom, purple middle and red is the top wheel with the most spins and highest multipliers on .


In the bonus the multiplier increases and the reels grow, however the reels are reset unless you lock them at max potential 118098 ways. So you need to get the reels fully expanded as fast as possible, when they are all fully expanded the multiplier increases by +2 instead of one at a time.


It is quite hard to get the reels maxed out at 118098 ways but when you do they wins keep on dropping in and soon start to build up.


Runner Runner Pop Max Win is capped at 10,000x which is pretty good, it is a high volatile game with a high hit rate in the base game, the RTP is 96.5% which is pretty good but to be fair we have seen quite a few games like this recently. I do like the feel of Stake Logic games though. The over lay is great graphics are good, the music and big win sounds on this game are a bit annoying, IMO.

Overall a pretty good game and the usual Super Stake that stake logic have on their games is available, it increases your chance of getting a bonus but doubles your bet amount. You can also buy in to each of the wheel bonuses, the red wheel costs 400x and there is also a random bonus buy feature for 200x.

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WOW!! It seems like a really exciting game to play! The wheel on the FS kinda resembles the Madame Destiny one xD

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