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Novak Djokovic vs Jannik Sinner Wimbledon Prediction


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image.png.45b05022c6bd2a4b828efe486cc77e2f.pngNovak Djokovic

In previous matches, Djokovic acted quite confidently. He did not give any chances to his rivals. Only Tim Van Rijthoven and Sung-Wu Kwon managed to take one set from Novak. Miomira Kechmanovich and Tanasi Kokkinakis were defeated by him in three sets. It is worth noting that Djokovic is considered the reigning Wimbledon champion. Moreover, he won this tournament for three seasons. Since 2018, Novak has held the title of permanently.

image.png.d93c4cd66bc199f7b76cc19e983bc9d2.pngJannik Sinner

Sinner is having a great season. Sinner hopes for successful actions in the match with Djokovic, but the match will be very difficult. In the 1/8 finals, Sinner sent home Carlos Alcaras Garfiya. Alcaraz was beaten in four sets. In addition, before that, Sinner defeated Stan Wawrinka, Mikael Ymer and John Isner too.


Sinner played too well against Alcaraz Garfia. It is unlikely that the match with him will be easy for Djokovic. If Sinner plays at his level, he will definitely resist Novak. Sinner can count on at least one winning set.

total over 33 games is my betting pick.

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