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What are Esports?


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Esports, short for electronic sports, is a form of competition using video games. The e-sports phenomenon has existed since the moment electronic games (videogames) existed. Competitiveness is a characteristic of the human condition and elements of competition have existed since the very first electronic games. This is the genesis of e-sports, which are nothing more than organized video game competitions between individuals or teams, played using computers, consoles or mobile devices.

globalEDGE Blog: What is the Future of eSports? >> globalEDGE: Your source  for Global Business Knowledge

The games can be played:

Online - played exclusively over the internet, where players compete against each other from different locations and using their own resources and devices to compete.

Offline - also known as LAN (Local Area Network) competitions, these are played with all the players located in the same physical place, usually with resources made available to the players by the organizing entity of the competition.

Both - competitions that are composed of one or more online stages and one or more offline stages.


From the games that have a competitive nature or component, the following e-sports modalities stand out:

MOBA games are usually played with two teams of players. Before a match begins, players are required to select characters. All characters have different spells, builds, and purposes, meaning teams also need to come up with strategies to build strong teams.

Quais são as seis categorias mais comuns de e-Sports? - GameHall

FPS (First Person Shooter) is a genre of electronic games based on gun battles, where the player controls a character in the game from a first-person visual perspective, i.e. the player experiences all the actions within the game from the protagonist's perspective.


Fighting Games are a form of action game in which two on-screen characters engage in one-on-one combat. Fighting games frequently feature unarmed fighting, such as boxing or martial arts, but can also include fighting with weapons like swords or guns.

How And Why To Watch A Fighting Game | by Aevee Bee | Medium


Collectible Card Games also called a trading card game (TCG) among other names, is a type of card game that mixes strategic deck building elements with features of trading cards.

Lord of the Rings Living Card Game: We need single-player digital TCGs


Battle Royale is a fight, often to the death, in which more than two combatants are engaged and the victor is the last surviving participant.

Fortnite Battle Royale ganhará opção de 60 fps nos consoles - Meio Bit


RTS (Real Time Strategy) In this type of game, the player has to create and control a set of units and structures, and acquire resources to do so, in order to destroy the opponent's resources, units and structures.

Attempting to Define the RTS Genre

As we approach the end of this decade, there are several certainties:

  1.  eSports is already a globally relevant industry.
  2. More and more athletes, clubs, coaches, and referees are involved professionally or amateurly in eSports.
  3. Competition is increasing.
  4. There must be a structured and consistent regulation to promote fairness, healthy, and value-based competition acceptable to all industry players.
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Nice Information.

I like battle royale games.

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