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Olimpia Milano vs Virtus Bologna Basketball Prediction 18th June 2022


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Olympia Milano
Coach: Ettore Messina
The team from the city of Milan has a good opportunity to win the championship. They showed their power in the final, so they are leading in the series (3-2), and most importantly, the next match will be held at the home arena. Recall that Olimpia Milan before the final stage of the tournament passed Reggio Emilia and Sassari, while not losing a single match, that is, the form and fighting mood were at the proper level. In a word, the team is ready to take one more step to get gold medal.

Virtus Bologna
Coach: Sergio Scariolo
The club from Bologna also performed well this season, but the final series was a real test for them. Virtus Bologna played great against Scavolini Pesaro in the first round of the playoffs (3-0), and then defeated Tortona (3-0) in the semi-finals. Everything went according to plan, but Olimpia Milan became a real stumbling block, although there are still chances to level the score.

The players of Virtus Bologna did their best, had a great season, confidently reached the final, but didn't have enough strength for more. The team is still losing the battle for the championship, and a trip to the Mediolanum arena does not goes well. Olimpia Milan is gearing up for the final match, because one more victory and the club will become the champion of Italy. Of course, it will be difficult, but Milano have the support of their home stands, so I expect the hosts to win.
My Prediction is Olympia Milano to win.

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