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Netent-Funk Master Slot Review


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Interesting new slot from Netent, Funk Master is an 8 reel 12 row cluster pays slot that has a lot of similarities to Jammin Jars. The best thing about this slot is the music and the wins can be pretty funky as well.


Although this slot looks and feels a lot like Jammin Jars the max win is no where near the potential of the Push slot, max win is only 3337x which is almost 17,000x off of Jammins max win. The idea of the game is to get the dancing wilds in play that dance around the board to 70's funk music and building up the win. Multipliers can then drop down which multiply the win anywhere up to 10x multi's can appear on the board.


You can buy the bonus on Funk Master for 125x which is pretty steep imo, alternatively you can land 3 dancing wilds to trigger 6 free spins. During the free spins the aim is to unlock as many dancing wilds as you can. With a maximum of 12 wilds on the screen at max potential. To get more dancing wilds you have to make a win with a wild inside the 3x3 Funk box. If one of the dancing wilds lands inside the 3x3 box and a win is made another wild symbol appears on the reels and  makes the possibility of getting more wins easier.


Even with a lot of wilds on the screen it is very hard to make big wins as none of the dancing disco balls have multipliers attached to them. Instead you have to rely on multipliers dropping down from the top of the screen each time you make a win and most of the time they are pretty hard to get. This results in a lot of very disappointing bonus rounds.

The RTP is variable depending on which country you live- which to me seems ludicrous! The RTP of Funk Master is 96.04% to 92.06%, so it may be worth checking what RTP you have in your country before you start to play. I think Germany have the low end of the RTP which means there might not be as many German's Funking out to this game!

Something else to note is the free spins landing naturally is one 397 spins which makes this game very volatile and with a very low max win. Just looking through Funk Master stats makes me doubt if Netent have got things right with game and I think it is likely that this game will be another Netent release that is rarely played by  players and streamers alike.

Overall Funk Master is an average game that feels like a knock off version of Jammin Jars, another thing that concerned me is this game did not feel like a Netent slot, subtle changes have been made to the overlay and game play which makes this slot feel different and not necessarily in a good way. And maybe Netent have lost some of their unique identity after being merged with Evo, RedTiger and everyone else under that umbrella- which would be a real shame.

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