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Winning lightning roullette and Megaball Stratagies


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I am sure that all gamblers have there preferred way of betting and they are generally restricted by the amount you have in your bankroll, this strategy how ever can be applied to a bankroll as small as 10 euros and although you may not win every time, in my opinion it offers the best odds to turn a small bankroll into something worth cashing out!

My strategy is not something revolutionary and I am sure that some of you already use something like it, it is kind of like a Martin Gale system but it you do not double down unless you win!

It can be applied to most live games and if you stick to the rules and get lucky you can win big. So lets keep it simple and start with a bet of 1 euro on lightning roulette, choose 5 numbers strait up and spin. If your numbers loose then just repeat the bet  at 1 euro but if your numbers win then double down.....very simple. Keep doubling down if you win and if you loose go back down to the base bet of 1 euro. Sticking to the rules is key for this strategy to work! If you manage to win a few in a row and you loose and then repeat your bet, your bankroll will disappear fast.

This tactic is my favorite to use on Mega ball also, I start out playing 10 cent cards, I usually buy around 30 cards so 3 euro base bet. If I make more than 6 euro on a winning round then I keep the 30 cards that is my base bet but raise the stakes to 20 cent cards. The price of Mega ball cards can vary from casino to casino, some have 50 cent cards and some don't. If they have a 50c cards then on the 20 cent level you need to win more than 15 euros, if they have no 50c and the cards go from 20c to 1 euro then the win with 20c cards must be more than 30 euros to be able to move up to the 1 euro level! And if at any point I have a loosing round and I win less than my stake I return to the 10 cent level and carry on grinding until I win up again.

I have had very good results using this strategy and recently I turned 10 euro into 3.5k on mega ball, I went from 10 cent cards all the way up to 10 euro cards, I staked over 300 euros on the 10 Euro cards and it was tough to return to the 10 cent cards. Although if your luck is in then you can skip the 10 cent level and go strait into the 20 cent cards, it really depends on your bankroll.

Good luck to you all!

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Oh wow, thanks!!!! excellent strategies, I will implement it in my next bets! 😉

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