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Ultra Burst- Red Rake Gaming....


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Another solid slot from Red Rake is out for certified release at the end of  June, Ultra Burst is a fun 5 reel, 5 line/243 way hybrid game with the cascading or tumbling win mechanic that I personally am so fond of!


Ultra Burst is all about transforming the reels from a 5 win line base game into a 243 way slot for ultimate drop down potential. When first reading about Ultra Burst, right up until I loaded the game I thought that it was going to be some Twin Spin clone but I was very wrong. The game offers a lot more than just the bog standard 243 way slot.


                                                                        1711291250_Screenshotfrom2022-05-2309-16-13.png.e5875983296da6bdcf97fadbcf3429dc.png                                                                                                                                                                                                                          The Ultra burst feature can be triggered randomly on any spin and don't be surprised if you trigger this feature 3 or 4 times in a row, the Ultra Burst feature is not shy at all! Once the feature triggers the reels are turned into a 243 way slot and for each win that cascades in you climb the multiplier ladder increasing the win values. The max win multiplier is 5x offering pretty good potential.


The reel graphics and over lay are faultless, the music and sound effects are synced up very well and the cascading or tumble wins are pretty smooth. Although I think they could add a little something extra in on the symbol drop downs, like a shake or pulse of the symbol, just a little something extra to build up a bit more anticipation. But overall the look and feel of this slot is great. Even though Ultra Burst is an online slot Red Rake have managed to make this feel like a real world video slot and one that you could easily envisage in a land based casino.


The base game without the frequent Ultra Bursts is pretty tame, with the max line hit being just 40x. It is possible to land multiple line hits in the base but getting a double full line of top symbol would be pretty rare I would imagine.


Ultra Burst does have pretty good potential during the Ultra Burst feature though, if you can imagine hitting multiple ways of 40x for the diamond top symbol with the 5x win multiplier, it would take much for this slot to start pushing over 4 or 500x


Ultra Burst is well optimized for mobile players and possible looks even better playing on a hand held device, the games RTP is 95.4%, The maximum prize achieved during a simulation of 2,000 million games was 1200 times the bet, with an occurrence probability of 1:1000000000. So the potential to hit big on this game is possible but by those odds I think it is more probably to get hit by lightning?

Ultra Burst is a low-medium volatility game with frequent wins being much more achievable than monster hits. This is a game that you can streak with regular 15-70x hits and like I said the Ultra Burst feature really isn't shy, it triggers every few spins! A solid future release from Red Rake and one that re-cycles existing slot mechanics in a very clever way.




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