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Match OpTic Gaming vs Cloud9 | May 22, 2022 (Valorant)

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4 Hours from the time of this post, Team OpTic will be going against Cloud9 for another match at the '2022 VALORANT Champions Tour: North America Stage 2 Challengers' tournament. b9e3fe130cc507d0387534404e6e7743.thumb.png.e0408450eb12d48935d7f48f8046ae19.pngimage.thumb.png.0af63201f3dbff776250ecbb32eac85e.png

For this match, bookmarkers and betters are in favor of Cloud9 despite them being ranked higher and having a better track record than OpTic. Why? This is due to their last encounter resulting in OpTic's victory.




Both teams have solid players that have shown to be promising in recent matches. Really big names. So this match is more like a 50/50, there is no way to know which team will prevail as during their last encounter, bookmarkers were wrong in their prediction.



With the current evidence and the recent matches I have seen, OpTic does appear to have the upper hand with their 3winstreak and outstanding team tactics. So it is fair that the probability of them winning is greater than C9. However, I am going to place my money on C9 for this match as there is a greater return.

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