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Anyone got any wholesome gambling stories?


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I'll probably write some more later but one story that comes to mind was involving my group of 4 best friends all finally turning 18 so we were able to start a group session together online at Stake.com. Needless to say, it didn't go so well for the 4 of us but 1.  😁

Each of us agreed to deposit $500 together and set a goal to reach $1000. We shared the balance of $2500 so each of us can gamble and still share the losses/wins if there is any. God had forsaken us that day but 1 mf. No matter what slot, wheel, or game-mode we played, it had always ended in a loss until Robert (the lucky one) harnessed all the luck in the world and used it for this one very moment. While we were all down to only $100 each, this guy max bet everything on CRAZY TIME! The Key feature. God knows what he was thinking that time, but he said he felt that little 'Spider-sense' of his and decided to fk it and all in. 

$100 with a total multiplier of 500x total turned it into $50000!

We celebrated that night and decided to go out partying, getting drunk and living the best nights of our lives. It was life changing money and we were able to split $10k between us then decided it was best to leave it in the stock market to build wealth. This was 1 year ago and this was our successful first time gambling on a cypto casino still hoping to relive this same night again. 🤑


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