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The start of my gambling addiction…

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As a member of this forum, I feel the need to share my experience with everyone as I am curious to know about all your experiences!


It all started roughly 6 years ago when csgo skin gambling was at its golden age. Everyone back then was talking about all these sites that has recently launched and youtubers constantly pumping out videos of them winning thousands of dollars.


I was 13 and didn’t know any better but it all seemed so fascinating… what if I won that much? I’d be able to get my dream pc! 

That point in time was the start of my gambling addiction, all because I somehow managed to go from a redline field tested awp ($15 at the time, yes I remember it clearly) to $2000 worth of skins. 

This allowed me to afford my pc but instead, since I didn’t want my parents to find out, I withdrew it all in csgo skins including my prized possession of a Factory new doppler karambit. That day was the best day of my 15 year old life… until I lost everything.

The gambling addiction overwhelmed my little boy self. I didn’t have any of my own money to afford it either, even If I did, I’d spend it all on skins to gamble more. It has become a very unhealthy habit of mine and it has always made me feel depressed everytime I lose.

Eventually, I learned self control. The mental anguish I experienced for several years of constantly losing developed me into who I am today, a responsible gambler who can afford his losses. 


I am still addicted but much less severe 🙂




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Nice to hear your experiences @PupperChanand from what you have said it looks like computer gaming and these "skins" you talk of seem to be a route for minors to get in to gambling. Although when I started gambling there were not even many home computers and the internet was only in its infancy, so I guess there is always a way for people that somehow have a gambling disposition to get started. I first started gambling from when my father would take me to the pub on Sunday's, there were old slot machines with lots of flashing lights and I used to watch people play and ask if I could push the buttons. I was about 5 when I started so almost 40 years experience and of course I have had many ups and downs, I think sometimes it is these highs and lows that we get from winning and loosing that we actually want more than actually the money itself.

It took me many years to get my gambling under control and it wasn't until my mid 30's that I did, well I get someone else to manage my money for me if you can call that under control. Gambling has caused many problems in my life and I wouldn't say it has ruined it but it has certainly had a big effect on it and my personality. I strongly advise you as someone that is half of my age to set your self limits on your play and how much money you spend, if you can't-get someone you can trust to help you with managing your money. Trust me act on it now because the lows can be very low and lonely at times, it is not a nice feeling having to go without money for long periods of time between pay checks. Also talk to people let them know and always tell them the truth, keeping things inside and lying can cause a lot of anxiety. Also never borrow money off of friends or anyone for that matter, getting in to debt is just bad news full stop! Let alone for a gambler.

Anyway, nice to hear your story and it is good you recognize that you have a problem, all you have to do now is keep it under control and only gamble for fun with money you can afford to lose.

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