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Joker Chase by Platipus Gaming is a fun, vibrant 243 way slot. It is a dual bonus game, meaning you have the chance to trigger free spins and a hold'n'spin bonus to boot. It also features Platipus's Jackpot feature which you can hit in both of the bonuses!



The Joker symbol is wild making for some pretty good base wins, having stacked wild symbols on a 243 way slot is bound to spice up the action. Joker Chase has plenty of small to medium wins in the base game, this allows you to grind out a bonus which can be quite tricky to land. But if you can't wait Joker Chase has a great bonus buy feature and it is pretty cheap too. The hold and spin bonus only costs 70x and the free spin bonus only 100x.


You can chose which one of the exciting bonuses you want to play and simply double click to purchase. The thing I like about this game is you can trigger the hold'n'spin bonus in the free spins.


The hold and spin bonus is pretty basic to be fair, no multipliers or special symbols to be had. You can how ever land one of the Jackpots, Mini, Minor, Major or Grand during the re-spin round in which you get the standard 3 lives. And what makes this bonus good is each time you land an extra Joker Coin it collects all of the previous prizes on the board, so if you land a Jackpot Joker Coin early you are getting paid!


The free spin bonus is triggered by landing 3 or more diamond scatters, you get 6 free spins to start and 5 scatters pays 50x. In the free spins all the joker coins turn wild as well as the stacked Joker Wilds. Land more than 6 Joker Coins in the free spins and you trigger the hold'n'spin bonus on top.


Overall this is a fun slot and one of the best Platipus games I have played. The sounds, graphics and game play are all very good, Joker Chase's reel graphics are great and the colors used are vibrant and eye catching. This a low volatility slot, although if you hit a jackpot it does have quite a bit of potential. The overlay is easy to use but I found it quite hard to work out the true value of the payouts, as they seemed to be displayed in line pays but this is a 243 way slot. The Jackpot is another example, the Grand Jackpot is displayed as "40,000 times bets" but it is not 40,000x total stake. I found this a little perturbing as I didn't know how much I could actually win, although any win you hit during game play is clearly shown in currency. I feel simplifying the payouts on the pay table would aid players wanting to know how much they could actually win. Joker Chases RTP is the standard Platipus 95% and adding everything up Joker Chase is a really well made slot that offers players value for money. Regular base game wins make trying to get a bonus a lot lighter on the balance and the Jackpot feature inside the bonus creates the potential for pretty big wins.


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