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Who Invented Gambling???


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With the growth of online gambling more and more people have access to place a cheeky bet or have a few spins on a slot but have you ever thought, who were the first people to gamble and who invented gambling?

Well I have, so I thought I would do a little research; firstly gambling clearly out dates written history. So actually being able to pin-point who invented gambling is impossible. There is however very early evidence that peoples would have a flutter way back in history, over 3000 BC. Gambling can be traced back to the Paleolithic period where the earliest 6 sided dice was found in the desert. However this is related to Astragali which has its roots in China and was played with the knuckle bones of animals such as monkeys. There is evidence that Astragali was played 5000-7000 BC which out dates the 6 sided dice by quite a bit. This was possible the first games where players would place a wager and try and win a prize-gambling. The first playing cards were also invented in China around the 9th century. But I guess we will never know the first people to gamble or who actually invented it. I think that it is out nature to take chances and have a flutter but what is clear is that we have been gambling for a very long time!

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