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E-wallets make gaming easier!


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With the growth of online gaming and gambling reaching record levels in recent years finding easier ways to get your money on to casinos to play has become essential for most people. E-wallets have become increasingly popular as consumer trust grows in them and this is seeing people move away from banks. There are many reasons for people using E-wallets, the transaction speed, low tariff payments and convenience.

Upholding your privacy and security is a priority for many casino gamers,  E-wallets automatically store the customers card information without having to manually enter it, this adds an extra layer of protection and helps to stop to fraud. Digital wallets use advanced security practices like private software codes, two-factor authentication and one-time use PINs to make sure a customer’s data stays where it should be, SAFE!

Keeping your privacy has become a major factor in recent years and a massive selling point. Main stream banks can sell your data and spending habits on to 3 rd parties and this can have a massive impact on your credit score. Making loans, credit cards and mortgages hard to get. Using an E-wallet eliminates this and credit companies don't know where your money is going. Smart people will look to the future and see the best option is to use an E-wallet just for these reasons. I mean what right do third parties have to knowing where the hell you spend your money!

There are many E-wallets available now and casinos are constantly adding new ones, even offering bonuses if players decide to deposit with them. Skrill, Paypal, Netteller and Trustly are some of the biggest and with competition growing transaction fees are falling. So really there is no better time to start using an E-wallet than now.

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