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Gambling Related Words or Phrases....


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Here is a fun one for you guys, have you ever thought about how people use gambling related words or phrases in everyday life? People use phrases that are related to casinos and gambling even though they do not gamble themselves. So I thought it would be fun to try and think of as many as I can just to see how many there are. I am going to think of as many as I can and please feel free to add any more you can think of in the comments.

  • Play your cards close to your chest- comes from card games.
  • Russian Roulette- Roulette
  • Rolly Polly- Roulette
  • Left in Lurch- From the old French game Lourche' or Lurch
  • Riff Raff- Again from an old medieval gambling game
  • Rigmarole- Comes from a long forgotten game of Rigmarole
  • A few cards short of a full deck- From cards and means someone who is a bit stupid or crazy
  • The odds are- People often use this term and may not realize its relation to gambling
  • Hit the Jackpot- Mainly slots related but used commonly i day to day life
  • Lay you cards on the table- card games
  • You're on a roll- would have come from gambling
  • Broke the Bank- common phrase when winning
  • Luck of the draw- used commonly in conversation
  • All bets off- gambling term and used in conversation
  • Bet your bottom dollar- American phrase and gambling related
  • Go for broke- would have come from casinos but used sentences to mean put everything you have in

I am sure there are many more and many different ones from different languages, if you have any more and even ones that can be translated from other languages please put them in the comments. We have a very multi cultural forum here with people from all over the world so please let me know the gambling related phrases you have from you own languages. It would be great to pool them together.

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