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British Roulette???


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British roulette is probably a thing that not many of you have heard of and almost certainly never ever played. British roulette was a type of roulette that was completely fair and removed any house edge. You may be thinking how can the house edge be removed and why would they do that? Well removing the house edge is easy, those zany Brits simply made it illegal by law to have a zero on the wheel LOL. Thus making the wheel true odds and no house edge!


The House of Lords (the people that make the law in England) simply passed a bill to make it illegal for Roulette tables to have a zero on them. Casinos even got raided by the police on several occasions to enforce the new law, this being a law that I totally support and maybe making gambling completely fair and literally a battle of luck between you and the casinos is the way forward.

Unfortunately the law was short lived after some serious lobbying by the casinos and probably some bribes the law was reverted in 1968. This may have just been a ploy by the Government to ensure casinos paid taxes and just a show of strength by the government to make sure the casinos towed the line. Either way it lead the path for casinos to bring not just one or two zeros but some wheel having up to to three zeros on the wheel, giving the house a massive edge. Any way some interesting gambling knowledge for you all.

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