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Fantasma/Relax-Magik Spell slot...


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This is going to be a hard one to write as I am really not a fan of Fantasma games. Fantasma, part of Relax gaming group predominantly make grind games. I am not a fan of grind games and much prefer the chance of getting a good bonus at any point and not having to grind a slot for hours leveling up to increase the potential. However I am sure a lot of people like these games and after playing the demo of Magik Spell I must admit I quite liked it.


The reason why I probably liked this one better is it is a lot less of a grind than some of Fantasma's other slots. You can trigger the bonus at any point but if you want to win bigger then you have to grind up the free spin multiplier before you trigger the free spins. Magik Spell is a 3,4,5,4,3 and 5 reel slot, which is unusual but not unique and there are only 20 pay lines.


Magik Spell RTP is 96.08% which is on the low side but the game is not particularly volatile despite having a max win of 20,000x. The base game keeps your balance fairly steady with regular dips down and the wins of 15-50x which helps you to grind out the multiplier for the free spins. The base game does not have massive potential though with a wild line only paying 5x, so max base hit would be 100x. What helps is the Magik purple crystals that you collect to build the multiplier stay highlighted on the reels and when you get a golden highlighted section, it turns all the highlighted spaces into wilds. Thus keeping the wins flowing and holding the balance relatively steady.


The free spins are triggered by landing 3 scatter symbols on the middle 3 reels, you then trigger a hold'n'spin bonus, that is nothing special really or I just did not see what it has to offer.


I guess the potential comes when you grind the free spin multiplier up to a high level. But that is not easy, there are 3 levels and each requires 50 purple crystals to progress. So 150 crystals to get the multiplier up to the next level, which is where the long grind that turns me off of Fantasma games comes in. I averaged about 100 crystals every 100 spins, so you can see that to grind the multi up to a decent level would certainly take some time.


Overall I quite liked Magik Spell it is a pretty fun game to grind but I think I would only play this game if I had a decent sized balance. The grind is a little too long for me and feel that games where your progress is saved and you have to play for longer and longer to progress may even contravene new UKGC guide lines and the new regulations that are coming in September 2022, as the amount of time players are allowed to play is to be limited. We will have to see what comes, Magik Spell is a an average game in my opinion and certainly nothing special.


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