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Guardians of Luxor-Red Rake Gaming...


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This is my first review of a Red Rake Gaming slot and I expect there will be more to come in the future, firstly Guardians of Luxor is a really well made slot. The graphics are smooth and crisp despite a lot of animation on the screen, the sound also adds a lot to this game and you find yourself being encapsulated as soon as you start playing and spin away.


Red Rake gaming have been making online slots since 2011 but stepped up there game when they started working with online casinos in 2015. Although Red Rake don't have any "house hold" name slots, they do have a pretty good catalog of games and especially slots that are appealing to beginner players. Guardians of Luxor is exactly that a really good slot for beginners in my opinion. Set in ancient Egypt it features all of what you would expect from this era, pyramids, Gods, all seeing eyes and Scarabs.


On first glances Guardians of Luxor is a simple 30 line, 5 reel, 3 row slot and to be fair it is but what makes this game good is there is an awful lot going on! There are definitely similarities to Red Rakes earlier release Guardians on Ra but enough differences to make this game unique. And there is enough to keep players attention but not enough to make it confusing.1425123559_Screenshotfrom2022-04-2009-53-15.png.806cfe7d840f6e9317d01f262131b23a.png

The game is a very low volatile slot and players should not come here if they are looking for 1000x plus wins but experienced players will see this strait away, meaning that the players that will play this game are new or just like low volatile slots. I mean you can win big on low volatility slots you just have to raise the stake. And because the iGaming sector is growing steadily with new players finding online gambling, people are bound to find this slot and enjoy it!

As you can see above the symbols payouts are very low, with a wild line paying just over 30x. But like I said what makes this game good is there a lot going on, you always seem to be getting a tease of some sort or another and a bonus never seems far away.


The reel 3 tease which seems to happen in clusters is the green scarab bonus which triggers a hold and spin round. The max win on this bonus is pretty low, which means you are actually likely to see it now and again-unlike maybe some Pragmatic hold n spin bonuses. When the green scarab lands it separates into 3 different cash amounts and the hold n spin bonus starts. Standard rules apply, 3 lives or re-spins-miss and it is game over. You can also fill the grid and get different jackpots-the Grand which is the highest pays 300x, so it is achievable, Major 40x and Minor 10x.


Another base game feature is the expanding wild which can also land on reel 3, when this lands you get a free re-spin with the expanded wild still in place. It substitutes for all other symbols except the bonus symbols and scatters.


Now I told you there was a lot going on in this slot and really we have just started, the Guardian of Luxor is like 5 slots crammed into one. However it still plays well and is very easy to pick up on what is going on, I think the different sounds for symbols and scatters landing helps players to understand this game despite it's complexity.

Collecting either golden or silver pyramid scatters also gives you chance to win big and although they don't land very often in the base game, they really come into their own in the free spins. The more of these scatters you collect the bigger the payout and they can land anywhere and don't have to be in a line!


The free spins- even the free spins have a twist on them in Guardian of Luxor and when you trigger them by landing 3 scatters on reels 2,3 and 4 you are taken to a picking game. You can select from about 25 different tiles to choose which frees pins you get, there are varying amounts of spins and some come with multipliers up to 3x.


The free spins are probably the best potential on this game and seem to be the hardest to land by far. This is a 30 win line slot, the expanding wild and green scarab can land during the free spins and you can also re-trigger if you get lucky.


Last but not least the final bonus you can land on this game is the prize wheel, trigger this bonus by landing prize wheel scatters on reels 1,3 and 5. If you land this bonus you are taken to a prize wheel but don't get too excited, the most you can win from this wheel is 2000x which sounds big but all prize amounts are multiplied by the line bet only! So if you are playing 3 euro, the line bet will be 10 cents. So max win would be 200 euro not even 75x!!!



The RTP for Guardians of Luxor is on the lower side of games I like to play at 95.4% and really feel that if Red Rake were to bring this up closer to 97% and throw and extra bonus in every 25 spins the game would really benefit. However, I think with this type of release they are looking to build up a client base of new players and appeal to the influx of players from other gaming platforms and social media. If this is what they are trying to do with Guardians of Luxor then they have succeeded. Guardians of Luxor is a really good game that is sure to get new players accustomed to Red Rakes brand, there is so much going on to keep players attention but not too much that the slot becomes confusing. Overall a really good slot that has a unique feel, graphically and acoustically it is sound-no pun intended. I think we will be seeing a lot more from Red Rake in the future and hopefully some games with a bit more potential? Even though the lack of volatility takes nothing away from this slot and players will enjoy it.



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