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Slot Saturation.....


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Hey all I was just having a thought and because I deposited on a casino and lost all my money before I played the game I wanted to play 😞 I will have to play it another day now but does anyone feel that there are just simply too many slots out there?

Slot saturation as I call it where I feel like there are too many games to choose from and often can't even remember the name of the game that I want to play! There is nothing wrong with having a choice of games to play but can there be too many?

Well I think their can, with so many providers now trying to muscle their way into online casinos it is creating a confusing and sometimes hard to navigate place to try and find a game to play. The thing that I think is happening is the new games come out and the older ones are forgotten. I know that players will have their favorite go to games that they always play but finding new ones that you have seen on stream can be tough!

I know it is nice to see new games come out and to see them play or play them yourself but I really think there is just too many new slots coming out on a regular basis. Maybe provider should be limited to how many new games they are allowed to release per month? And maybe this would get the games that already available to play more of a chance to get seen. I am sure there are now so many hidden gems of slots that we may never see or play and they will be lost to the depths of the casinos slot catalogs. When a game does not get played very often it is likely the casinos will remove the game, so in time we will never be able to play them, this makes me sad.

So what do you guys think should slots provider be limited to how many games they can release per year or per month?

Please let me know in the comments-happy slotting! 🙂


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