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10 Euro for active Forum Members....PLEASE READ!


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It is great to see the forum growing so quickly and to see we've quite a few active forum members, being active means posting new threads and commenting on what people have posted. We are trying to create an interesting and fun gambling community here at AlphaGamblers, where members will be able to discuss gambling topics, post big wins and have the chance to win prizes in our giveaways. One of the giveaways we are running at present is the 10 euro for 100 posts. The idea behind this giveaway is that the content written on the forum has a small value. This value comes from ranking in Google and other search engines, if we rank higher then the chance that traffic (people) will visit the site increases. The value of content on the forum is really quite small though hence the small token of appreciation that we will give you for 100 posts (10 euro). If you think somebody searching for something casino related and them finding a post that you have written on the forum, well the chances are very small indeed so the post value is small but with a large variety of posts we stand more chance of getting "traffic" to the site. So this explains how what you post on the forum is valuable to us. Also comments on other peoples posts help, you can be active by commenting and your comments should be more than just one word replies but don't worry replying to a post only needs to be a few words. Depending on the post put as much detail in as possible-It all helps!

What we ask from you when posting new topics is around 50-100 words at least and maybe picture/s to make the post a little more pleasing to look at. When you are posting about a slot or table game include things like the RTP, how many win lines, max win, when the game was released, how the bonus is triggered etc. Basically anything you think someone may search for when typing into google. For example "what is the RTP of Bonanza Megaways" or "What is the max win on Crazytime". If your post contains this information then we have a chance someone will find it on our site. Remember there is a lot of competition out there and getting ranked anywhere near the first page in Google search will be very difficult!

A good pointer for content is to try and find "niche's" a niche is something that not many other people are doing/writing about, creating a post with niche content stands more chance of ranking, remember there are 100's of providers out there find a small provider who's games are not known and write about their games. Remember to include the information mentioned above.

Try and think of this as not a quick way to make 10 bucks but a gradual thing that you should be able to do in around 30 days! A little over 3 posts a day and you will get 10 euro crypto, at least one forum member has been paid for their contributions already. However the posts do need to be little more catchy, simply posting random pictures and asking the forum what they think about the game is not enough!

Another big NO, NO! Do not copy paste things from other sites! This can have a negative affect on the sites ranking overall, Googles crawl Bot does not like duplicate content! Anyone found doing this will be warned and the posts will be DELETED! All posts are checked and any work that you put in writing the posts will be wasted and the reward will not be credited!

For all those that follow these steps and continue to post interesting, unique and accurate content we would like to Thank You and ask you continue your work, what you are doing is helping the community grow! The bigger we get the more we can give back to you and on the forum we have a permanent record of those that have helped. Those that help will be rewarded in the short-term with 10 euro for 100 posts but in the long-term potentially much more, Thank You again.

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