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Super Stake Roulette- Stake Logic


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Super Stake Roulette from Stake Logic is out now and I think this possibly might be the best enhanced roulette wheel out there so far. Stake Logic are new to the casino section and this adaptation of European roulette not only looks amazing but you can also win up to 5000x your bet!


The studio is set in a kind of industrial steam punk factory and in my opinion visually looks the best out of all the multiplier roulette games on the market. The host wear a uniform that is pretty similar to those worn by croupiers on Lightning Roulette but the studio looks way better.


The Super Stake Roulette wheel itself looks very well made and also very stylish and fits in with the games theme. The wheel is automated, so host just stands there calling out results and talking to live chat.


At the start of each round the hot and  cold numbers are displayed clearly and I like this feature. Using this can help you pick winning sections and hopefully win big. And trust me I have not even come to the best bits yet!


Now we all know that enhanced roulette wheels need to take the RTP from the game and move it around, so that the game can payout huge wins up to 5000x. Super Stake Roulette does this in two ways! First way is that strait up bets are reduced to 29-1 and secondly is the Super Stake feature. The Super Stake feature costs you an extra 50% of your total bet. So bet 10 Euro's with the Super Stake feature on and it becomes a 15 Euro bet!

So what is the advantage of the Super Stake feature? Well multipliers are picked at the start of each round, if you play without the Super Stake then you only get awarded Silver multipliers and these only go up to 750x. If you play with the Super Stake feature on then you also get the Gold Multipliers and these can go up to 1000x or a spin on the Money Wheel!

787916880_Screenshotfrom2022-11-1511-52-30.png.2662b259ad692a1c1afa54f74ea3783b.png         2000845726_Screenshotfrom2022-11-1511-53-40.png.d7be9f371b3dce26de7a97ba322a7c84.png

The money Wheel is the big draw of this game and you can win up to 5000x if you are lucky, there is only one 5000x on the Money Wheel so chances of hitting it are slim. The next biggest prize on the wheel is 500x. So you really have to chose if you want to play with the Super Stake feature active or not and this is the biggest choice in this game. I am in two minds whether to play with it active as the chances of hitting the big 5000x are very slim, you do have more multipliers to hit every round though. So I guess it just depends if you are feeling lucky.

What ever anyone thinks this is a great first live release from Stake Logic and for their first game they have set the bar high- Will we be seeing more live games and wheels from? We will just have to wait and see!



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