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Ti11 prediction based on LCQ


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I follow the DPC 2022, tournaments, teams, LCQ, meta and look at statistics. So I'm fairly confident that at least some of the predictions will be right or close. Below is a TLDR :


  • MPH - Undying (Just above 50% WR, picked a lot in LCQ)
  • MBH - Marci (Over 75% WR in LCQ, most banned)
  • Highest WR - Tinker (Niche, few games, specialists like NothingToSay)
  • Highest Kills Avg - Morphling (Highest avg kills based on Dota+)
  • Highest Assists Avg - Disruptor (Highest assists at LCQ with at least 10 games)
  • Lowest Deaths Avg - Slark (Meta hero and among lowest deaths at LCQ)
  • Highest LH Avg - Terrorblade (Naga could end up being pos 4/5)
  • Highest XPM Avg - TA (Greedy mid, safe choice)
  • Most Kills in a game - Morphling (Popular now, may pop off in a game)
  • Most LH in a game - Terrorblade (Safe choice)


  • Winner: LGD (Same roster, still strong as hell, more motivated than before)
  • Most kills in a game - TA (They keep fighting and don't give up without a fight)
  • Highest Kills Avg - Fnatic (Tend to have long games and also keep fighting)
  • Fewest Deaths in a game - LGD (They could own so hard they barely die)
  • Most Assists in a game - Fnatic (Tend to have long games and also keep fighting)
  • Longest game - Team Spirit (They don't give up and don't yield, they can drag it out hard)
  • Shortest game - Liquid (Shown to dominate lanes and games even in 15 mins)
  • Highest Game Length avg - Fnatic (Tend to have long games and also keep fighting)
  • Most Different Heroes - LGD (No brainer, everyone on the team is versatile)
  • Fewest Different Heroes - Gaimin (Barely change their heroes)


  • Ame - Most Kills in a game, Most LH in a game, Most GPM in a game
  • Yatoro - Lowest Deaths avg, Highest LH avg, Highest GPM avg, Most Different Heroes
  • Micke - Highest Kills Avg (Beyond godlike in many games at LCQ)
  • DJ - Highest Assists Avg
  • XinQ - Most Assists in a game (May play a super long game among many games & keep brawling)

(Ame may play the most games, and can have stand out performances in some. Yatoro fairly often have games where he dies little, farms a lot, and he likes to pick different heroes. Somnus dominates mid and fairly often get beyond godlike streaks. DJ fights a lot, so does Fnatic. XinQ is a hot take, he may be in a super long game and keeps brawling on a hero like Tuskar)


  • Total Games Played - 50 to 54 (Common answer)
  • Total Heroes Picked - 101+ (Last year too, and no hero is too out of meta in 7.32c)
  • Total Heroes Banned - 101+ (Last year too, and no hero is too out of meta in 7.32c)
  • Most Total Kills - 101-110 (Just a hunch)
  • Longest Game - 90 - 100 mins (Just a hunch, and games are slower now in this meta)
  • Shortest Game - 15 - 20 mins (Just a hunch, and games may still take at least 15 mins to end)
  • Most Kills by a hero - 26+ (Ursa/Ember/Lina go crazy or something)
  • Most Deaths by a hero - 21+ (xNova/Misha dying over and over again)
  • Most Assists by a hero - 36+ (Disruptor/Silencer/AA etc. goes HEM)
  • Highest GPM by a hero - 1000+ (Some Ame/Yatoro Alch goes HEM)

What are your thoughts/predictions? 🙂

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