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What does Gambling in a House-less Blockchain Casino look like?


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Gambling has certainly changed over the years, as all things do, and if we look back far enough we can see the progression of gambling. But if we look to the future, we just may see that it is coming full circle. Gambling at one point was only against friends and other real people, and the winnings always went to a person, not an organization. Over time, however, gambling houses and casinos started to get into the mix and all of the sudden money was no longer going into the players’ pockets nearly as often.


The days of gambling with friends may be in the past, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be in the future as well. Casinos still exist as brick-and-mortar establishments, but they have also migrated into the digital world, making it ever more convenient to gamble at any time, anywhere. Blockchain technology is often overzealously applied to new industries, but when it comes to the world of gambling it definitely has a legitimate use. Can a house-less blockchain casino take us back to the gambling world where we can have fun again and a player actually wins?


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If the house doesn't exist to 'always win', are we still losers? 🤔🤭

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