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Crazy Coin Flip Strategies???


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I have only played this game from Evolution a couple of times, this is because in the UK where I am from you can't do any of the premium spins that guarantee you a scatter or two on every spin and secondly I think my bankroll is too small! Can you play Cray Coin Flip with a small bankroll? And is it still profitable playing without the premium spins?


So like I said I have tried Crazy Coin Flip twice and both times I was unsuccessful and did not even really enjoy playing it that much, so do any you other forum members have any strategies I could try?

How do you play Crazy Coin Flip and have you had any big wins?

Do you think that Crazy Coin Flip can still be profitable if you can not play the premium play spin like here in the UK?

I would love to hear if you guys have any strategies for this game as I would like to try and get good at playing it, let me know in the comments if you have played and if you have won and what strategies you use playing Crazy Coin Flip!

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