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what is the most needed in baccarat online casino? luck or skill

edward jemenez

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what is the most needed in baccarat online casino? luck or skill

first of all I don't know why TF I topic this but what do you think guys ? what actually you using in your gambling session in baccarat, luck or skill ?. in my own opinion based on my experience I think the most need in baccarat is skill, yeah right because if you only hoping in luck I think you will lose all your money we all know casino is scammy place that's why instead of losing to a scammer you need to take the advantage example in a baccarat table we all know there are many kind of baccarat table from " no commission baccarat to commission baccarat table" , in no commission baccarat I always noticed that the player has more win than the banker I think they do these because they don't have commission I guess but this is opposite in the commission baccarat while banker has a lot more winning rounds than the player, so I think the most important is skill not luck.


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