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Playtech Deal or No Deal, The BIg Draw!


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I am a bingo fan so this may not appeal to all but rarely do you find hidden gems of live casino games that you never see streamers play! Well this is one for sure in my opinion, if you like Bingo of course. Deal or no Deal Bingo from Playtech is a fun take on the classic age old of game of Bingo, it is very similar to bingo of course. You buy cards sit back and hope for the best but on the Deal or no Deal Big Draw Bingo you have to make decisions and there certainly is some skill involved.

As it's name suggests Deal or No Deal The Big Draw is a mix of between two games, Bingo and Deal or No Deal, which I am sure most of you are familiar with. The game is kind of in sections, the first section 20 balls are drawn and the objective is to remove as many of the numbered briefcases as you can. You need to remove at least 7 to qualify for the next stage and you do not always do this!

If you manage to hit 7 briefcases you can play the deal or no deal side of the game or gamble for possibly bigger prizes. You can multiply your win up to 25x with the win multipliers. This game is pretty complicated when you first start and I really do urge you to start on a very low stake until you have the hang of things. You are given the chance to buy more balls after the first 20 are drawn, these obviously come at a cost and this is where this game can get expensive! Those of you that are familiar with the new "slingo" style slots, it is kind of like these but you can buy 5 extra balls at a time and the more chance you have of hitting bigger multi's the more expensive they are to buy. So Beware and like I said start at a low stake until you know what you are doing! You can chose to open your box if you remove 7 or more cases but really you need the multipliers to win really big.

There is also a fun side game where you have the chance to win extra, all you have to do is buy a few cards and hope your numbers come out. There is quite a lot going on with his game and it will take you time to figure it out, the best way to learn in my opinion is just to do it and learn by playing.

Overall it is a fun take on Bingo and certainly adds more fun and excitement to an already pretty good game. Well worth a play and I hope you win big!

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