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Reloaded Gaming: Up and Coming Slot Provider.


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About Reloaded Gaming:

Reloaded Gaming are a new provider founded in 2022 but the people behind reloaded are iGaming veterans with over 20 years service in the industry. They are a talented bunch of designers, game makers and mathematicians, they have a passion for making top notch games and by the looks of their games have worked for other top providers. From what I have seen of their slots it looks like there is an element of Play'n'GO and maybe Push gaming experience behind the scenes but this is only speculation.

Reloaded Games:

Reloaded have a pretty good back catalog of games for such a new provider and to be fair their games look great! The characters and graphics are on point, the colors and game sounds are vibrant and encapsulating. The games are a mixture of 3 reel and multiple way slots and there is a lot of variety.


The games from Reloaded are optimized well for mobile gaming and they also look pretty sharp on a PC, being optimized for all gaming devices in today's day and age is crucial for any new provider and sometimes you can see where new providers have made mistakes with game glitches but I could not see any of that from the Reloaded games I played.

After scrolling through Reloaded game catalog I must say I was very impressed! They have many really good high quality games and are certainly a provider to look out for in the future. And what is also worth noting for me is the high max wins on their games as well as the truly impressive RTP almost all of Reloaded's games are between 96-97% at least which from a new provider is admirable. I do however sense that some of the game developers and designers have worked for PNG before and as we know Play'n'GO have variable RTP so it will be interesting to see if Reloaded also adopt this sneaky method of tricking punters.

Reloaded Multi Mine Slot:

I had to pick just one of Reloaded Gaming's slots for this post so I chose a game called "Multi Mine" and it is a great little slot! Multi Mine is a 5x5 grid slot with cluster pays, 5 or more symbols win and then they explode and new symbols drop in, the mine carts at the bottom can multiply the win and the bonus is triggered by completing wins on selected tiles on the grid, very much like PNG's Tome of Madness slot.


You can see the multiplying mine carts at the bottom of the screen and they enter and exit through the tunnels on each new spin. The Bonus is triggered by completing the grid pattern which also changes to a new pattern with each spin. 5 tiles needed to trigger the bonus.

The RTP on Multiplying Mine Carts is really good at 96.82%, it is a highly volatile game with a max win of 8000x. The hit rate is 48% which should keep your balance fairly stable and bonus frequency is 1-106 which is also really quite low! Seriously guys this is a provider to look out for the games I played are great and you try them for free (HERE) I encourage you to do so as what these guys are offering is really quite good indeed.


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