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Weirdest Bets in History (Part 1)


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Another light hearted post today and as all of you on here like a punt of sort or another I thought I would look up some of the strangest most bizarre bets in history. I am sure there are plenty of other strange bets out there that are not documented and if you or your friends have made any other strange bets with each other please let me know!


The Taser Bet!

Back in 2014 a man by the name of John Grant made a bet with his wife Nicole Grant on an American Football game between the Green Bay Packers and the Chicago Bears. The bet itself was nothing out of the ordinary John bet that the Packers would win and Nicole bet the the Bears would win, the only weird thing about this bet was the prize! The prize was that the winner of the bet got to taze the loser? Yes this is true and documented on major news websites in America.

I mean this is a pretty strange wager and where things get really messed up is when John's Packers won the match and he actually Tazed his wife. Apparently instead of the 3 second taze that the wager was set at he tazed her multiple times (lol) and as a result of this she called the police and John was charged with a felony charge! He was arrested for felony charge of possession of an electric weapon and went to jail. This is an absolutely true story and I wonder if they ever spoke to each other again 😄  

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