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Lightning Black Jack Winning strategy...


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Lightning Black Jack the exciting new take on an original classic casino game  from Evolution Gaming where you can land multiplier up to 25x your stake. The chance of landing these prized multiplier comes a cost though, you have to stake 100% of your bet as a fee for the lightning multipliers. That means if you bet 50e your total bet will be 100e.

I often see people in chat saying "what the hell are you doing" "don't hit that" "omg you doubled there are you crazy?" well you have to play "crazy" in order to get the best RTP from lightning Black Jack forget standard BJ play and get ready to double down on hard 17 at times!

Firstly when playing lightning BJ you want multipliers, the highest multi you can get! And yes that sometimes means hunting for a 3,4 or 5 whole card. If you win a hand then depending on how close you got to 21 you take a multiplier through to the next round. And depending on how high the multiplier you took through or the one that you could possibly win on your next hand determines your play.

If you take through a 5x or higher then almost always you are doubling or splitting your next hand! You have to have balls and get lucky when playing this game, playing safe on lightning BJ is not optimal play! So next time you are watching take the time to read up on optimal lightning BJ strategy because it is very different from normal Black Jack.

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