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The Rave- No Limit City Quick Review.


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More insanity from No-Limit with this slot, The Rave has all No-Limit City's trade marks! X-ways, Multipliers, split reels, Expanding symbols and more. The slot is set in the 90's clubland era and one I grew up through, I would never advise doing drugs and playing slots as in a previous responsible gambling post I outlined this.......But if you want to have a party and pop a few pills this is the slot to do it to!


The music is absolutely "thumping" and is somewhere between hard house and trance tracks. The base game can kick off too but like most No Limit games it is about triggering the 5 scatter bonus...Which is absolute insanity. The DJ is the top symbol and the ravers are the premiums.


Each big win screen comes with a photo sensitivity warning and it is fair to say that this slot pushes all limits to the max.


Spice up the night! At a cost of an extra 20%, the player is guaranteed a Scatter symbol on the second reel. The payout for each symbol is not affected.

xSplit® Wild
Splits each symbol on the reel and doubles those symbols, then splits itself into two wilds.

Double xWays® Wild
Double the dose! When two xWays symbols land on the same reel, an expanded xWays Wild will be created across that entire reel. This stacked Wild will hold 6 to 11 Wild symbols.

Scatter: Drop the Bass
Landing 2 Scatter symbols transforms them into enhancer cells. Landing 3-4 Scatters activates ‘Murder on the Dancefloor’ and landing 5 Scatters activates ‘God is a DJ’!

Murder on the Dancefloor
Get your body beat! 3 Scatter symbols activates 3 Enhancer Cells and 4 Scatter symbols activates 4 Enhancer Cells. Landing a 4th scatter symbol activates an additional Enhancer Cell and awards +1 spin. Landing a 5th Scatter symbol activates ‘God is a DJ’ and awards +2 spins.

God is a DJ
Landing 5 Scatter symbols will activate God is a DJ bonus mode. 5 Enhancer Cells will drop in the middle of the bottom row and remain there throughout the bonus mode. Only high paying symbols, xWays®, Wilds or xSplit® symbols can land in Enhancer cells. Guaranteed to get one of the following random features: Mashup!, Sidechain or Crossfader.

If an xSplit symbol lands on reel 2,3 and 4 it will increase the symbol multiplier of that reel with +2x.

Mashup!, Crossfader & Sidechain
These features will randomly activate during Murder on the Dance floor and are guaranteed on every spin on God is a DJ. Mashup! turns all character symbols into the highest paying symbol. Crossfader turns all low paying symbols into Wilds and Sidechain - 2-5 linked reels.

The max payout of the game is 41,500 times the base bet.

Nolimit Bonus - Feature Buy Functionality
Buy your way straight into one of the different bonus features, ranging from 68x to 522x the base bet.



Total RTP 96.09% / 94.29%
Volatility Extreme (10)
Hit frequency 25.66%
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