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Funny Little Gambling Story.


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Landing on the Moon 1969 Winning Bet!

In 1969 mankind made an audacious trip to the surface of the moon! Kennedy proposed to land on the lunar surface seven years earlier. JFK didn’t live to see the moon landing of course he was assassinated in Dallas but one bright bloke from Preston in the United Kingdom thought it would be worth a punt on the moon mission succeeding. In the spring of 1964, David Threlfall convinced


William Hill to give him 1,000 to 1 odds that a man would land on the moon prior to January 1971. Even though the David only wagered £10, he obviously received his £10,000 with time to spare. That’s worth more than £155,000 today. What’s even more interesting is William Hill has offered 500 to 1 odds that the government will admit to faking the whole thing. Who knew being a conspiracy theorist could be profitable? And in all fairness considering how crazy the world is today it would not surprise me if the government did announce this as part of some miss-direction or trade off due to negotiations with Russia? Might be worth a punt at 500-1 Lol.

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