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Stjarnan Gardabae vs Reykjavik Prediction


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Today, I will discuss the match between Stjarnan Gardabae and Reykjavik ( Iceland Premier League). The match will start on 20 Jun 2022 at 19:15 UTC. Let’s talk about home team, Stjarnan Gardabae. One of the youngest club in Iceland won the national championship for the first time in 54 years after its creation, after which it pleased with the victory in the country's Cup and Super Cup. In the last championship, they became the seventh rank, while the start of the new championship is quite successful. Over the nine rounds of the current season, the Stars have chalked up five wins and three draws, which corresponds to 18 points and the third position. The line of attack looks decent, which goal 19 times. After success in the duel with Vestmannaeyjar (1:0), they tied with Keflavik (2:2). Let’s talk about away team, Reykjavik. The 27-time Icelandic champion took only third place last season. The start of the new championship is ambiguous and after nine rounds of the current season, they are on the sixth line. However, victory in this duel may allow you to get ahead of today's opponent. They have four wins and three draws, which brought 15 points and sixth place in the standings. After defeating Hafnarfjordur (3:2), they tied with Akranes (3:3).
Joshhh Prediction: The statistics of recent years are in favor of the Reykjavik, who today have a good chance to get ahead of Stjarnan and take the third position. I believe that today Reykjavik will be able to tune in to the duel and prove their superiority in the class. Moreover, Reykjavik won in the last two head-to-head Matches. We assume that today the experience and motivation will help them to win again.
My tip is that Reykjavik will win.

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