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Real Dealer Studios- Scarab Roulette.


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I would love to be sat in on board meetings of providers trying to make their way into the iGaming market. They must have dreams of grandeur, that the games they are designing and bringing to market are going to take players by storm and make them millions. Well this is what I imagine and probably not far from the truth but taking a closer look at this new release from Real Dealer Studios I am thoroughly disappointed. I was thinking that we would be seeing some kind of amazing multipliers or a side game from Auto Scarab Roulette, something with re-worked RTP offering the chance for players to win massive but NO! 


Auto Scarab Roulette from Real Dealer Studios is just an auto roulette wheel set in a CGI Egyptian themed setting-No Mulitpliers!-No Side Games- Standard roulette wheel excitement. After watching their promo video I really was very upset. I mean what is new? What does this game offer that other don't? Absolutely nothing except computer graphics.


And on top of the disappointment, you will have to give up 1.35% worth of RTP to play this game, Scarab Roulette has an RTP of 97.3% So why would you ever play this version when  standard roulette table offers you 98.65% RTP? You think players are going to give that up just for some Egyptian music and some cute computer graphics? I don't savvy players will see strait through this and may stay for one or 2 spins. I wish Real Dealer Studios all the best of luck but they are going to need to try much harder and actually take some risks if they ever want to make a splash in this industry. To me it just seems like another company trying to cash in on the iGming market and adding to the saturation problem.

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