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Gemini Joker new coming soon


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On May 26, 2022 a new slot called Gemini Joker will be released


I think we are all waiting for this release as it looks great in the demo. And here is what has told about this slot. The company itself Betsoft:

The GEMINI JOKER twins excite your players into the chance for frequent wins with every spin! Indulge your players with the opportunity to win up to 1700x their bet, plus the joy of a FREE RESPIN when a full reel of identical symbols appears on the first two reels with no winning paylines. This latest video slot offering from Betsoft charms players with a whimsical gaming experience brought right to their door!

GEMINI JOKER features a set of eccentric trickster jokers, leaving your players overjoyed with the chance for single-round frequent wins! Two is better than one in this game! While both Jokers are WILD symbols, the Golden Joker is a MULTIPLIER WILD, earning even more BIG WINS for your players with each additional Golden Joker appearing on the same line!

This highly popular game format is appealing for its playful theme, and simple style of play.

Well, I'll also add a little bit of myself that is in the slot

Multiplier wheel feature

Managing to land the same symbols on all reel positions will award you a spin on this special multiplier wheel. The potential rewards range between x2 and x10.



Design, symbols and graphics

Generally speaking, the Gemini Joker slot is a retro-themed game, as the symbols are typical of the ones which can be seen in classical slots. The graphics of the reel set are quite sharp and clear, while the backdrop is made to look a bit more out-of-focus. This allows players to focus more on the playing area rather than the background. 


Speaking of the playing area, the reel set is decorated with golden trims and there is a red and a blue column on either side as well. On top of that, a masterfully designed joker character will accompany you on the right side of the reels throughout the game. As for the backdrop, it presents an interesting aesthetic, with blue and pink neon colours, a wavy floor and an overall unique atmosphere that can make the gameplay more enjoyable. There is also an upbeat and cheerful soundtrack to keep things entertaining.


With a rather standard layout size and a small number of paylines, it is only natural that the Gemini Joker slot would not have a lot of symbols as we see in other video slots. Starting from the bottom, there are cherries, a plum, a watermelon, a pair of golden dice, and at the top, there is a diamond star that can bring you 10x the stake for a fully covered payline.


Finally, there are two wild symbols in the Gemini Joker slot, presented by the two joker characters. There is a red and blue character that acts as the regular scatter, and the golden joker is the multiplier wild.



My opinion is that the slot is pretty good and you can play it. I did not like the soundtrack, but it does not affect the winnings. In fact, I'm tired and want to sleep, so this is the last post for today. More to come) 

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