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Quick Spin- Old SKool Provider....


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QuickSpin seem to have been around for ever and I can seem to remember Quickspin games from years ago, well in fact they have been a major player for quite some time now. Founded in 2011 and based in Stockholm, Sweden they have been making pretty good games ever since. But what most people do not realize is that they are now owned by Play-Tech, 2016 saw the online giant Play-Tech purchase QuickSpin and they have remained a provider with a clear business plan ever since. I think it is QuickSpins clear business plan that has been the key to their longevity and success. It has always been QuickSpin's vision to create slots for both new and experienced gamblers and with their current releases this has never been more evident.


Flip Royale is a game specifically made new casino players, it is a low volatility game and aimed at novice players. Here is QuickSpin's information about this new slot and you can clearly see who they aiming at.

"New in casino town? Don’t worry, we’ll take you by the hand and show you the full, magical casino experience.

Step into a stunning building from the 18th century and feel like a king or queen for a night. And it’s early in the evening, so you’ve got most of the place to yourself. Order a drink at the bar, park yourself in a plush chair by one of the tables and click to spin the reels – easy peasy.

Developed just for you, players who are new to casino games, this modern slot is easy to understand. It combines low volatility with strong features that hand out frequent wins, a number that increases even more in the Free Spins Bonus.

Flip Royale is a 5×3 slot with 10 paylines and classic slot graphics. The main feature is the Coin Flip feature, which is triggered when all three positions on one or more reels are filled with the same Coin symbol. And in the Free Spins bonus, the Coin Flip feature is guaranteed to happen on every spin!"    (SOURCE)

Having games with a mix of volatility maybe the key for a company being around for the long run but is getting this balance right key to having some of the top games? If you compare Quick Spin to No-Limit-City for example, No-Limit have mostly insanely high volatility games and I would say that their games are among some of the most played slots out there at the moment. So who will be the winner in the long run, especially with the possibility of new regulations coming in forcing providers to have a mix of high and low volatility games. Now what is worth paying attention to with this post is that Play-Tech, QuickSpin's parent company have always been ahead of the changing global regulatory system. So if you pay close attention to what Play-Tech are doing you can almost bet your bottom dollar that other providers will soon be following suit. Of course QuickSpin have some high volatility games and a lot of their new releases have potential over 20,000x. But will there slow and steady business plan and conforming to regulation see them lose in the long run, with more providers flouting regulation and relying more heavily on unregulated crypto casinos for the majority of their revenue? It is hard to say but a constantly evolving sector there are sure to be winners and losers!



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