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Well Well Well, What Have We Got Here? A New Live Wheel Game!


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Play-Tech Have launched a new Live Wheel and like Pragmatics Sweet Bonanza Candyland it is a take off from one of their most popular slots. Well Well Well has a couple of different versions of slot but now Play-Tech have transformed Well Well Well into a live wheel.


The game is set in studio in Latvia but the CGI makes you feel like you are in an enchanted woodland some where in a fairy kingdom. The game sounds all seem to come directly from the slot audio but the music played from the studio is calm and relaxing.

What sets Well Well Well Live apart from other wheel games out there is they have reworked the RTP and payouts for the bonuses. Making Well Well Well Live much less volatile compared to CrazyTime or Monopoly Live.


There are 8 sections to bet on in Well Well Well Live, 4 numbers and 4 bonuses and all seem to have potential. I think Play-Tech may have found a winning formula with this live wheel and think players will find this game appealing.


The first bonus is called Buckets of Gold, if this bonus lands players have a choice of 3 buckets to choose from. The buckets drop into the CGI well and reveal a prize. It is a very simple game and probably the equivalent of Coin Flip bonus on CrazyTime.


The second and third bonus section are the Magic Reels Bonus, either 2 spins or 4 spins. This bonus can pay a bit if you get lucky, 3 single row reels are spun and each symbol that lands pays out a prize, so don't worry no zero X bonuses here. A line of pots of gold pays 100x however so ideally you want three matching symbols for the bigger prizes.


You can see by the shocked look on the hosts face that this bonus game can pay, either that or a little Leprechaun has put his pot of gold somewhere he shouldn't have.


In my opinion this game has way more appeal that Play-techs big first wheel launch "Adventure in Wonderland" despite Wonderland looking very aesthetically pleasing.


The average payout seems to be pretty good on this bonus, both 2 or 4 Magic reels can pay pretty well and there is no need to hot a multiplier of any sort in order to win 100x plus.


The last bonus and probably the most volatile of the bonuses is Rainbow Pays, this bonus is a cross over of a card game and the live wheel bonus. Rainbow pays has the most potential with a max win of 2500x. At first this game is a bit tricky to get your head around and essentially all you have to do is get matching colored cards in a row. The more you get the bigger the prize multiplier. You can just about make out from my screen shot how many X you get for each sequence of cards.


Well Well Well Live has 54 segments as you can see above, the theoretical RTP for Well Well Well Live is 96.42% which is pretty good. Overall a really good new live game, Play-Tech have done Well Well Well here (sorry) But in all seriousness this is an improvement to Wonderland in many ways. Making the game in the way Play-Tech have will for sure entice players away from CrazyTime and is sure to capture a a large swathe of new and old players. I think Play_tech are making moves here and I look forward to seeing this game played by streamers when it becomes more widely available on other casinos.


💎You can find and play Well Well Well game here on these casinos: https://www.alphagamblers.com/software/playtech/

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