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ICE London 2022-Day 2- Big Responsable Gambling Messages Coming ICE This Year!


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The main focus from ICE London this year is RESPONSIBLE GAMBLING! The regulators and the providers are pushing a heavy message aimed at responsible gambling this year and debates are ongoing in regards to what measures will be bought in to stem the amount people are gambling. On one hand this is good as gambling causes problems if not done responsibly, with people spending more than they can afford.

The main focus is on source of wealth checks and affordability, it is looking like all regulated casinos will be bringing in these checks. That means if you spend more than 100 euros a month then you will have to prove you can afford it. So you will have to show casinos bank statements, pay slips and proof of how you earn your money!

This move of essentially taking peoples freedom away from them is on that is strongly contested by both casinos and providers, let alone players themselves. In my opinion all these measures are likely to do is push gambling underground and players will start to use more unregulated casinos. What do you think will happen? Will these measures stop people spending more, or will it just push gambling online towards unregulated casinos?

If you want to watch coverage of the debates coming from ICE London and more click here

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