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Evolution Gaming Investment oppertunity..


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I sure sign that Evolution are doing very well in the gaming industry is that they are buying back shares in their own company! What makes this interesting news is that when a company does this towards the beginning or end of the financial year is that they expect the company and it's assets to perform really well in the next quarters and more than likely the whole financial year!

Evolution's share price is currently valued close to 100 Euro a share and the fact that Evo bought back 377,000 of their own shares is a clear sign that they think they will make money in the next year and the share price will increase, speculatively any where between 15 to 30 % this year. Making this a great investment opportunity in my opinion for a year long investment plan.

Evolution will soon start launching "the Great 88" a series of new releases all across there platforms, when the new games come out the share price will start to rise- I am almost completely sure of it and would think they would end at least around 115-120e by the end of the financial year in 2023, making this a sound investment!

"Evolution AB (publ) (”Evolution”) develops, produces, markets and licenses fully-integrated B2B Live Casino solutions to
gaming operators. Since its inception in 2006, Evolution has developed into a leading B2B provider with 500+ operators
among its customers. The group currently employs +13,000 people in studios across Europe and in North America. The
parent company is based in Sweden and listed on Nasdaq Stockholm with the ticker EVO. Visit www.evolution.com for
more information.
Evolution is licensed and regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority under license MGA/B2B/187/2010. Evolution is also
licensed and regulated in many other jurisdictions such as the United Kingdom, Belgium, Canada, Romania, South Africa,
and others.

Press release 2022-02-21, 13:00 CET
Acquisitions of own shares in Evolution AB (publ)
Evolution AB (publ) (“Evolution”) has, during the period 14 February 2022 – 18 February 2022, acquired a
total of 377,000 own shares within the framework of the repurchase programme introduced by the board
of directors to improve the capital structure of Evolution by reducing the capital, and thereby creating
added shareholder value. The repurchase program, announced 3 December 2021, is thereby completed
and closed.

The repurchase programme, which Evolution announced on 3 December 2021, is being implemented in
accordance with the EU Market Abuse Regulation No 596/2014 (“MAR”) and Commission Delegated
Regulation No 2016/1052 (“Safe Harbour Regulation”).

During the period 14 February 2022 – 18 February 2022, shares in Evolution have been acquired as set out

Date Aggregated daily volume
(number of shares)

Weighted average price
per day (SEK)

Daily transaction value
per day (SEK)

2022-02-14 100,000 1,035.84 103,583,960
2022-02-15 100,000 1,084.92 108,491,660
2022-02-16 50,000 1,080.11 54,005,470
2022-02-17 50,000 1,070.18 53,509,100
2022-02-18 77,000 1,011.83 77,911,133
All acquisitions were carried out on Nasdaq Stockholm by Carnegie Investment Bank AB (publ) on behalf of
Evolution. Following the above acquisitions, Evolution’s holding of own shares amounted to 1,905,865 as of
18 February 2022. The total number of shares in Evolution is 215,111,115.

A full breakdown of the transactions conducted according to article 5.3 of MAR and article 2.3 of the Safe
Harbour Regulation is attached to this press release. Since 6 December 2021 up to and including 18
February 2022, a total of 1,905,865 shares have been acquired within the scope of the programme. A
maximum of 21,511,111 shares in total may be acquired. For information about all transactions carried out
under the repurchase programme, please refer to Nasdaq Stockholm’s website:

For further information, please contact:
Jacob Kaplan, CFO,
ir" (SOURCE)

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