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15 Tridents Swift Pays-(MicroGaming/Pear Fiction Studios)


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Came across a really fin slot the other day a collaboration between MicroGaming and Pear Studios, we have seen slots in the past between these two providers but this is the best one so far,imo. 15 Tridents is a dual slot where you basically have double the normal amounts of reels. It pays 1024 ways on each slot, so a total of 2048 ways combined. Each slot is a 5 reel, 4 row layout. The game is set in depths of the ocean and the graphics are cartoon like. This slot has a lot of base game features so you will not get board easily!


The base game is great on 15 Tridents and there are a lot of base game features. Different characters randomly pop out, including the Kraken, Neptune and other fishy tails. They can give you different wild symbols, extra symbols added to the win, extra tridents and extra scatters plus more.


The free spins can be triggered by hitting 3 scatters or more on reels 1,3, and 5 on either slot or a combination of the two. Once the free spins are triggered you will get 10 free spins and more for additional scatters.


In the free spins the tridents stick when they land, enabling you to climb the swift hits ladder on the left of the screen. If you can get 15 Tridents then you get the 10,000x Jackpot! There are also more multiplying wilds in the feature giving you bigger wins.


Overall this slot is really fun to play and even with lightning fast quickspins it does not hit your balance hard! There are so many small wins and the bonus being pretty easy to trigger you are able to keep playing for a long time. This is certainly a refreshing slot and possibly Pear Fiction's best game to date. I really enjoyed playing this game and made a few Euros on it too!


The standard RTP is 96.02 but it is released as a customizable RTP, meaning the casinos can change the RTP to what ever they see fit, so it really worth checking what the RTP is on the casino you are playing as it will make a difference to how the game plays. The max win is 10,000x so pretty good potential also. Fun game well worth a play.

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