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Balloon Race Live by Evolution: A detailed review

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Balloon Race Live: A Detailed Review



Balloon Race Live is a unique live slot game created by Evolution. It combines familiar mechanics from Crazy Coin Flip and Crazy Pachinko with a fresh, light-hearted theme. This review dives into the game's features, gameplay, strategies, and how it compares to other live slots.

Gameplay Breakdown

The game consists of three stages:

  • Qualification Phase: Here, you aim to land three scatters or wilds on the five-reel, three-row slot. You can choose between standard spins, XXXtreme Spins (guaranteed scatter/wild per spin at a higher cost), or Super XXXtreme Spins (guaranteed two scatters/wilds per spin at the highest cost).
  • Top-Up Phase (Optional): Boost the multipliers for each colored balloon in the final race by placing additional bets. However, there's no guarantee the winning balloon will benefit from your top-up.
  • Balloon Race Round (Live): A live presenter draws colored balls from a machine. Each color corresponds to a balloon, and the first balloon to reach the top wins. Your final payout is calculated based on your base bet, scatter multipliers (if any), and top-up multipliers.

Strategies and Tips

  • Play the standard spin mode most of the time. While XXXtreme and Super XXXtreme modes qualify you faster, they can be expensive.
  • Skip the Top-Up phase. The payout doesn't guarantee your chosen balloon will win
  • Focus on qualifying with a higher base bet amount for a better final payout.
  • Autoplay can be helpful for managing your bankroll, but be mindful of overspending.


  • Continuous loop of Balloon Race rounds
  • Optional Top-Up phase
  • Live final round with presenter
  • Personalized multiplier payouts
  • Visually appealing graphics


  • Mostly RNG-based with a live element at the end
  • Easy to overspend
  • Low RTP (don't expect frequent wins)
  • Top-Up benefits all balloons, not just yours
  • Lower payout potential compared to other Evolution games

How It Compares:

Balloon Race offers a new theme with familiar mechanics. While the Top-Up sequences differ, it feels fresh compared to Crazy Coin Flip and Crazy Pachinko. Playtech and On Air Entertainment offer live slots with similar RTPs but based on existing slot titles.


Balloon Race Live boasts stunning visuals and a lighthearted atmosphere. It provides flexibility in gameplay style, but be cautious about overspending. While big wins are possible, they require significant investment in the Top-Up phase. The best payouts come from acquiring scatter multipliers during qualification. Overall, Balloon Race Live is a visually impressive live slot with a dedicated fan base, but strategic gameplay is crucial to avoid significant losses.


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