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Sweet Bonanza CandyLand-Pragmatic Play...


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Finally we have a wheel that could challenge CrazyTime for the number one live game show- Sweet Bonanza Candyland is a wheel/slot hybrid live game, it offers 3 exciting bonuses and a sugar bomb feature that always gives a multiplier. The studio is stunningly designed and could be an add on to any new "Willy Wonker" film that comes out. Candyland looks fresh and bright with appealing colors and a set that almost look good enough to eat!


Pragmatic Play made the shrewd move to update the wheel after its release in November 2021, they decided to remove the number 10 and add an extra bonus instead. This made the Candyland wheel play more like CrazyTime with a 6-gap between bonuses. The Candyland wheel is made up of 54 colored sections and bonus games:

  • 23 Number ones
  • 15 Number twos
  • 7 Number fives
  • 3 Sugar bombs
  • 3 Bubble surprise
  • 2 Candy drops
  • 1 Sweet spins                                                         


The addition of Bubble surprise means you have a 1:6 chance of hitting one of the bonus sections, this makes for just as much entertainment as any other wheel out there to date! The hosts on the game show have costumes to match the set design and it has to be said that they look great as well. Pragmatic have paid a lot of attention to detail with this game it is very clear to see and the result is an immersive, fun live game show.

Sweet Bonanza Candyland- Sugar Bomb:


The sugar bomb bonus section is a key to winning big on this game, you have a 3:54 chance of hitting a sugar bomb. If you place a bet on the sugar bomb booster (which costs an extra 25% of your total bet) the multiplier is doubled, up to a maximum multiplier of 200X-Which is just insane. If you do not play the bomb booster bet then you will get a multi between 2-10x.

If you land on 2 or more Sugar Bombs in successive spins then the multipliers are multiplied together. The odds for two Sugar Bombs in a row is roughly 18x18= 324:1 which is much better odds Than Evo's Monopoly with only 2 chances on the reels and not always getting a multi.


Bubble surprise bonus: The bubble surprise bonus replaced the number 10 on the Candyland wheel, which I think was a great move on the part of Pragmatic. When the Bubble surprise bonus lands you have a chance to land a cash prize from 5-25x, the candy drop bonus or even the main attraction the Sweet Spins bonus.



Candy Drop Bonus: You have two chances to hit the candy drop bonus on the wheel and to win big on this bonus you really need a sugar bomb on the previous spin. At the start of the bonus you chose from one of three colors, then the candy's are dropped through the candy drop machine. You can win varying amounts depending on prizes your candy collects along the way. The average payout for this bonus is around 5-25x.


Sweet Spins:  The Sweet spins bonus is the main attraction and your best chance to win big, although if you are looking for 1000x plus then you really need a good sugar bomb before the sweet spins lands. The bonus is a watered down version of Pragmatics Sweet Bonanza slot, where you can get wins and then new symbols drop down. You build your win multiplier based on what and how many symbols you connect with. The popularity of Pragmatics slot is what draws players to Candyland and to be fair this is a really fun and exciting bonus. If you hit the sweet spins bonus with a big sugar bomb multi then you could be in for a really big win. The average payout for the sweet spins is 25-100x, hit this bonus with a 20x sugar bomb and you are laughing all the way tot the bank!

Overall Sweet Bonanza Candyland is going to give CrazyTime a run for its money. It may not take the top spot of most popular live game show but it will certainly draw people away from crazy time and other wheels. The studio and games look more appealing than any other game show in my opinion and the set has been flawlessly designed. You are sure to have fun playing this new game from Pragmatic win or loose.

Sweet Bonanza overall RTP is 96.95%-The game is capped at 20,000x win multiplier and Players can win up to 500,000 euro.

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good info

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Ty for this info 😀

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