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The picks you create must be between the odds of 1.50 and 2.50 and can only be odds set by these bookmakers:

You can only take these bet types:

Team to win or Draw
Over/Under goals (Game total)
Both Teams to score

Players can submit 1 pick per day and in the course of 1 month have to submit a total of 10 picks in order to qualify for the competition.

Bets/Posts must contain a written account of why the bet will win with 150 words minimum.

The Prize pool is tiered,

First Place will win 200€,

Second Place 100€,

Third place 50€.

You can check odds for your picks here:

Post your picks in the comment below.

Good luck to all!

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It's always a treat to witness ATX and their glory! A spectacle to watch especially with PANIX as their carry absolutely obliterating everyone!

1.3KDA, 85ADR

He is the solo carry (and perx) that is bringing ATX to the top. The next s1mple even.



Ranking 140th, this team isn't very well known since they dont play a lot of matches. It was only until recently  when Perx and Panix got added to the roster that they started winning more often (after like a 6 lose streak) rising higher in the ranks to play against some of the top C to B tier teams.

They won their last 3 UPSETS against HAVU, KTRL and PARTIZAN. 

As of right now, their form is looking really good. PANIX is very consistent with his frags and switches up his playstyle every now and then to perfectly match his situation so that he can gain frags.

Other than that, his teammates are quite lacking but at least the team play is competent.



I talked about this team before and they are still very inconsistent. In their last match against 9INE, the weakest link in the roster - PR1mE somehow managed to carry the team with a +21 kills out of 2 maps. This is the least expected thing to happen and without his plays, TRICKED wouldn't even win in the first place.

Their attacking side is their weakest due to poor player coordination but when it comes to defenses, they utilize their grenades very well in order to stall the enemies into leading a desperate push in the end with barely any time left. This also allows their teammates to rotate from the other side of the map to make it into a team fight.

All their Hand grenades and molotov always deals so much dmg! They also seem to have all the lineups for every corner of the map in their arsenal too.



This is yet another tricky match to bet on since both sides have the biggest strengths and weaknesses making it a very risky/volatile match.

Tricked has the best teamplay and tactical ability but very inconsistent players. They could be playing good one day then crap the other.

ATX has 2 incredibly strong players that can hold down sites with their awp and able to pave their way into sites on attack side easily. Good uses of utility when executing by their teammates to create many opportunities for a complete shutdown.

This is very hard... but I believe ATX will win.

After seeing the some matches with TRICKED, whenever they have a man disadvantage. They lose. Their chances of winning after getting their first death is 20-30%. 

With the way ATX plays, I have a feeling they will be getting the first bloods a lot.

A lot of bookmakers are favoring Tricked since they have more experience as a team unlike ATX with only a couple months. Tricked also has the advantage in the map pool with 5 maps to their advantage.d9ac09596dfe32c6f8a43bc86e97246c.png.60789b47c5d1f78c262292baffd805b9.png

This game is likely to go to the 3rd map. 1.9x



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Chicago VS Washington 

Observation - Both these teams are playing fairly better then they have in previous years, Chicago is 2-3-0  there best start in 5 yrs and Washington is 1-4-0 but there Quarterback has 1390 yards with 10 Touchdowns (TD's).  These two teams play the ball differently, Chicago is a rushing team and their best rusher has  56 carries and 328 yards with 3 TD  ... rushing ... meanwhile washington receiver has 33 receptions with 376 yards. In the last 3 games both teams have put up good points against good defensive teams so today i feel both teams will score over 20. The average of both teams scoring over the season so far is 23.5 which = 47 points average.

Prediction is over 40 at 2.24 (pinnacle 


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Football has been so cruel to me with my last few picks, in the last 3 picks I have gone for over 2.5 goals and in all of the games 2 goals have been scored in the first half and none in the 2nd half! Which is just unreal, Sporting even went down to 9 men last night and Marseille couldn't score a 3rd goal...unbelievable. But alas I go again and this time the Nantes V's Freiburg match and last time Freisburg won 2-0 at home but I think this time with the home advantage Nantes will at least score and Freiburg should win, this means by default that there will be over 2.5 goals, so this is my pick in this match over 2.5 goals @2.00 on Bet365.



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1. Xinyu Wang (rank 80) - Anna Blinkova (rank 138), the favorite you can see by rating and odds. I think not just to win, but to win in two sets, according to the status of Xin Yu on the serve, Blinkova is better, and Blinkova looks good at the reception. 
2. But I made my choice based on the matches of the 1/16 finals, Xin Yu met with Linnete (rank 55) 2:0 (6:2 6:4), the opponent is clearly stronger than her, but she did an excellent game on her serve and draws of the second serves at the reception the result is exactly the same
3. 89% of the games won on the serve and 44% of the games on the reception, 4-1 on breaks. But Blinkova, although she won in two sets, played with an opponent lower in the ranking, Zakharova (183) 2:0 (6:1 7:6). 
5. I will not write anything about the stats in their game, but the most important thing is 6-4 on breaks.

Bet: Xinyu Wang win

Odd: 1.69 odds


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The British started with a defeat from Real Sociedad 0-1, but then won away victories over Sheriff 2-0 and Omonia 3-2. Ten Haag's wards had a little trouble against the Cypriots. They conceded the first goal, but then scored three goals. But in the end, Omonia scored one goal and was even close to a draw.

Cypriot club gave a serious fight to Manchester United in the last round, although it lost 2-3 in the end. After three rounds, the team has no points scored. In case of defeat in England, Omonia loses all chances of continuing the fight in the next round.

The hosts do not give the impression of a team capable enough of taking out any opponent but the guests will try to take points anyway

image.png.fd1dd9a1dd7403a84a2440b73cfd1dd6.png My prediction: Omonia Nicosia handicap +2.5

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Basketball El Classico. Today Barcelona hosts Real Madrid. The teams in the new season started opposite. Barcelona lost 3 matches with 1 victory in total in the Championship and the Euroleague. Real Marid won all the games, but with a creak, as for example it was against Panathinaikos. Supercup 3 weeks ago was left for Madrid after overtime. Nikola Mirotic and Kyle Kuric, the backbone attacking player, will not play for Barcelona.

My betting pick will be real madrid win 2.04 odds,


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=> Total under 219.5 baskets odds 2.03.
San Antonio Spurs managed to play four pre-season games. But only in one they managed to win. The Spurs will miss Dejounte Murray this season. The leader of the Spurs went to Atlanta and will now defend the colors of the Hawks. Most likely, in the new season  Devin Vassell and Keldon Johnson will play. In the pre season, the Oklahoma tried to strengthen the team, but nothing really happened. They hve Lugenz Dort and Josh Gidday in the first. But they were the leaders of the Thunder last season. Then they failed to bring the team to the playoffs.Despite all the problems, in the preseason, Oklahoma is doing quite well. But I think there will be less baskets.



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