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The picks you create must be between the odds of 1.50 and 2.50 and can only be odds set by these bookmakers:

You can only take these bet types:

Team to win or Draw
Over/Under goals (Game total)
Both Teams to score

Players can submit 1 pick per day and in the course of 1 month have to submit a total of 10 picks in order to qualify for the competition.

Bets/Posts must contain a written account of why the bet will win with 150 words minimum.

The Prize pool is tiered,

First Place will win 200€,

Second Place 100€,

Third place 50€.

You can check odds for your picks here:

Post your picks in the comment below.

Good luck to all!

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Whattt are with these odds??? It's so high for Fnatic rising as if they're baiting people to bet on them (and lose 🤣). I will do just that.



Previously known as EC KYIV, they are ranked 93rd. They have a 50% winrate this past month and won their last 2 of the 4 matches in the ELISA Invitational Qualifier placing 13th-15th unfortunately unable to qualify for the playoffs.

They are a great team with players all exceeding a KD of 1.10. 

All can pop off when it comes to their time but... the reason why they're losing is because they need everyone to step up together and not have only 2-3 people carrying. It's always a different combination of 2-3 players carrying each map and the others not being able to keep up!

I cannot comment on their form since it is very inconsistent but every game they always have someone doing well even if they're losing and this is vital to their victory. Having just one person doing all the work can create opportunities for others to secure the game!


Fnatic RISING:

Ranking 87th, they have a winrate of 68% this past month and this match against IKLA will be their first for the CCT Europe Series.

Most notable performances for FR is their match against ECLOT, PACT, OneTAP, and Anonymo. The match with ECLOT and PACT are upsets... They even played REALLY good against a big team like AURORA for a close game of 1-2 and the 3rd map being 14-16.

All 5 players came from different countries and all 5 are incredible in their own right but as in the same case as IKLA, they can't rise to the top because they also need everyone to step up!



Tough Match, 50/50 but Fnatic Rising is winning.

Both teams have amazing players but very inconsistent.

However, the advantage goes to FNATIC rising as they have better feats whereas IKLA has only beaten teams like Into the Breach and PARTIZAN.

FR also has the advantage in mappool and experience. Their only weakness is NUKE since they suck at it really bad. I have seen some of their matches and i VOUCH.image.png.a655ec7e3f6654bc9cb4dfccdeb1d514.png

The odds are awesome on pinnacle too since they favor IKLA to win unlike the many others favoring FNATIC RISING.



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1. First round of doubles ITF tournament in USA on hard. Kozarov and Miroshnichenko played a pair, two weeks ago they won a tournament in a pair of the same level in the USA.

2. Both successfully played for their universities for several seasons, Miroshnichenko still plays there, and Kozarov is already working as a coach. In general, they are in excellent shape, there are positive dynamics both in singles and in pairs. Especially Miroshnichenko seriously added, in a pair she goes with a balance of 23/5.

3. Osbourne and Chong will run as a pair for the first time. Chong looks very decent in terms of balance, but mostly these are tournaments with a weak grid in Tunisia.

4. Osbourne is in bad shape right now, having generally failed this season in singles and doubles.

5. I think I bet to play the victory of the Kozarov team, due to teamwork, more optimal form and experience of a long game in tournaments in the USA.

bet: Kozarov/Miroshnichenko win 

odds: 2.00 odds.


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Champions League and I am going for another over 2.5 goals, this comes after my last 2 predictions were both over 2.5 goals and it was 1-1 in both matches at half time, it was unreal that this happened twice and no goals were scored in the second half of either match. But I am going again and this time the Sporting V's Marseille match, the last game between these two side saw Marseille thump Sporting about 3 or 4 one but this match I have a feeling it will be around the same score line but Sporting win this time, they have the home advantage and Lisbon is not an easy place to go and get a result. So my pick is over 2.5 goals @2.00 on Bet365.


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In European competitions, Sporting confidently dealt with Eintracht (2:0) and Tottenham (3:0), and in the national championship it was located only in a modest sixth position. A considerable share of the Portuguese failures is due to the weak implementation of the moments. Although the loss of the initiative several times led to sad consequences. The guys lack a steady forward. All available players benefit only for short stretches, which negatively affects the results.

In League 1, the "blue and white" still did not fall out of the leading group. However, due to the hardest schedule, errors have become more frequent. Nevertheless, underestimating the representatives of France would be stupid. In almost every match, they willingly own the ball, creating a lot of sharpness at the gates of others. Igor Tudor competently rebuilt the game of the wards, which was a significant reason for a significant improvement in results.

image.png.bb2a1c466e59155653a461458a15035c.png My prediction: Sporting to win at 2.260 odds

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=> Total over 2.5 goals with. 2.03 odds.

Both teams need points in this match, but Sporting Lisbon will not play the main goalkeeper was injured and also will not have a couple of defenders. Marseille, on the other hand, has almost everything in order and the team is at least charged, after an unsuccessful defeat in the league. In the last match between the teams, 5 goals were scored, today I think they should lose 3, after all, both teams have a pretty good attack, but there are problems in defense. Both of them attack good and Sporting plays good at home. So picking over 2.5.


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Philly VS Atlanta ... yes again 

Observation- after watching the first match it was clear that philly best pitcher saved them, Atlanta lost by 1 run and left the bases loaded 4 times without scoring. In the ninth inning Atlanta almost pushed and almost won , so today i fell Atlanta is going to win by a fair margin. Philly is pitching  Zack Wheeler who has a ERA of 2.8 this season against Kyle Wright for atlanta with a ERA of 3.1 but a closer look Zack Wheeler has 12 wins and 7 loses to Kyle Wright's 21 wins and 5 loses. Atlanta will shake him up early and atlanta knows know what to expect from the Philly as the seem to use all there power at the start of the game losing alot to the end of the game so if atlanta is up it will be next to impossible for philly to catch up.

Prediction is Atlanta to win at 1.75


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The Chinese Bu ( very hard name )smashed everyone in a row on futures, but now he has already begun to ride on challengers, where it’s not to say that he performs well, somewhere he beat oppo of about his level, and somewhere he lost not to the strongest, in general, it’s not to say that he is in some god level shape. Yevseyev is not stable, he can, of course, play more or less, or he can merge to anyone you want. Well, in the first round He beat Novak here, showed a good game, apparently tuned in to this tournament, and the coverage is suitable, and also hard court. Denis has more experience and at the moment he is not so bad in form too so picking him. 
My betting pick will be Denis Yevseyev win 2.43 odds.

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