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Champions League - Round 4 Day 1 Results


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Today was the day of Groups E; F; G; H to play against each-other. 

Liga dos Campeões da UEFA – Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre

In Group E

  • Chelsea VS Milan (2-0) Chelsea got the advantage in the game after Fikayo from Milan received a red card at the 18', playing the rest of the game with 10 elements. With goals of Jorge Filho by a penalti at 21' and another goal, this time by Pierre A. at 34'.


  • Dinamo Zagreb VS Salzburg (1-1) got to the 90' mark tied by one goal each. Salzburg was able to score in the initial minutes of the match (12') but the home team was able to get an equal score 5' before going into half time.

In Group F

  • Celtic VS Leipzig (0-2) was a balanced game having both teams some ball possession but with the Celtics making 11 faults against 4 from the away team. The game result was decided on the end of the 2nd half with 2 goals from the away team by Timo W. (75') and the other by Emil F. (84')


  • Shakhtar Donetsk VS Real Madrid (1-1) ended up in a tie after the Spanish team had suffered all the way to the last minute. The home team opened the score with a goal by Oleksandr Z. right after the open of 2nd half at 46' and only at 90+5' was Real Madrid able to score with a header by Antonio R. ,the player was hit by the goal keeper outside the small area in the head while trying to score, ending up bleeding from his face.

In Group G

  • Copenhague VS Man City (0-0) was a match dominated by the away team with 14 shots to goal against 6 from Copenhague. City had to play with 10 players after the expel of Sergio G. (30')


  • Dortmund VS  Sevilla (1-1) had the only 2 goals in the 1st part of the game, Sevilla scored first by Tanguy N. (18') and then Dortmund cought up with a goal by Jude B. (35')

In Group H

  • M. Haifa VS  Juventus (2-0) was a disputed game between the both teams but M. Haifa took advantage of it's opportunities and with only 4 shots to goal against 5 from Juventus, it was able to scored 2 goals by Omer A. (7' , 42').


  • PSG VS Benfica (1-1) The game ended up in a tie after an overwhelming diference in ball possession of 62% to PSG  against 38% to Benfica, both goals where gotten through penalties, Mbappé opened the match at (39') and João M. balanced the score at (62'). 
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