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My side of story(Gambling addiction)

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Gambling is one of the most addictive entertainment.Gambling can be in any form like card game,wheel game,race,sports,etc.

         Gambling is fun untill you win and you are in the competition involving.I started Gambling at the very young age.Those days we used to play tramp cards,UNO,cards,dice,snake and ladder etc.I love gambling from the very initial stage so i love losing more than i love to win.I started Gambling for money 💸at the age of 8years.I join virtual gambling(online casino) in 2018.I used to play small bets with small deposits,but from 2020 i started playing high bets and gradually i become high roller.Mostly i lose but still i come back to play.Slowy and steadily i become addicted to gambling.I started borrowing money for gambling.My salary that i get started Gambling it all at once and left zero balance in account always.My bank account always keep going zero balance beacuse whenever i had money i only think of gambling.

 The worst thing that happen to me was on 18th of April 2022,where i spent the highest amount of money on gambling around 10000$ in just within a week.tgat was hell lot of money for me.After that huge lose i still keep chasing my lose till today.But i dnt think i can recover from this lose It getting hard day by day for me cause i have lots of debts to clear.I took lots of money from my relatives..     

Lastly,my advice to all the punters out there who thinks gambling can make their life better i would suggest not to gambling at any cause.Gamling is fun but just for entertainment purpose,donot gamble,you will lose.Only gamble responsible and gambling which you can afford to lose.Gamble responsible!!!!Dnt gamble i repeat.

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